UberEATS? Effortless! (post promo codes here)


I have tried UberEATS 3 times, and 3 times, I have been very satisfied.

It’s effortless - OK, you have to figure what you want to eat first, and I know I am limited to what I can see on that front - partly because of language and partly because I don’t know how to use the app completely. But when it comes to the actual service itself, it’s been simply awesome.

Last week, rushing back home from work, I opened up the app as I stepped on the MRT. Found some noodles (with soup and dry) and pressed go. And that was it.

The delivery actually got there before I did. I had forgotten to alert the wife of what I did, so when the delivery lady showed up, there was a bit of confusion. But since I had already paid for the order from the app, it seemed like someone just showed up with food. Which is exactly how this should work!

Over the weekend, I tried again, and discovered this Korean place called Bobby Box. I had not heard of before. This time, the UberEATS delivery person was early.

I am a former heavy user of Sherpas in Shanghai (http://www.sherpa.com.cn/index.shtml) when I lived there. And my wife still relies on it when she is there on business trips. But my experience with UberEATS is different. It’s a little odd that there is almost no human interaction beyond the delivery person showing up and handing you the food. But the choice and convenience and tracking all add up to a great service.

Like when I first started using Uber in 2015, it’s obviously a better way of doing things for some of us.

Here’s my promo code: eats-uberforumosa

Please post yours here :slight_smile:


Thinking about giving it a try. I guess their only competition is food panda. Anyknow know the costs of delivery?


I think it depends on the zone (distance) but so far I’ve only ordered from places recommended by the app and those places have all been within 30 min of my home. That costs NT$60.

For comparison, Sherpas in Shanghai (5 years ago) cost approx NT$ 100 for its closest zone

In addition to Food Panda there is Foodies Express in Taipei


Are you taking money for this article?

Or just Uber love Uber ?


If you use my promo code, i guess we are both taking money


This is my code to get 10$ usd off your first order or the equivalent for the first order.




I can’t get them to correctly locate my address even when I type it in… it’s not even close.


I had that problem when I was trying to have food delivered to my workplace, so I know what you mean (we ended up changing our minds and eating nearby). It didn’t matter if I tried typing in my address or locating it with the map function.

I tried to add my work address through the app and encountered the same problems.


Anyone else use uber eats. Could use some promo codes haha. They added a lot of new places around me. And the hassle of not having to use cash and get lots of coins in change is great! Cause foodpanda driver took my coins haha.