UBike - New Rules for Foreigners?

So I decided to just register a new easycard with a UBike account since I officially have been living here for a year. I thought all I needed was a Taiwanese phone number (like on my old easy card which was set up years ago when I used to just visit) but when I entered my info at the kiosk it also asked for my “ID Number”.

I entered my ARC number, passport number,health card number, nothing worked.

So I went to went to the information center and they told me it’s because Foreigners are no longer allowed to register UBike accounts. I told them I have been working and living here for a year, I have work permit, ARC, health card etc, - they said I cannot be allowed with my ARC. They said I am only allowed to rent by using CREDIT CARD each time, single-use rides. Ugh…

Not so much “Easy”-Card anymore I guess.

Anyone else have this issue?


I registered my EasyCard a while ago so maybe it is a newer change. Recently I’ve heard a couple other people mention they couldn’t use their ARC# to register either.


I just checked the Kaohsiung City bike as a comparison to see if it had changed also,
but it still give you the option.

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I registered in August so it must be a very recent change.

Sounds discriminatory. Can someone else confirm?

This sounds like a good subject to file a complaint about if true.


Did you have to register with ID number? I think the issue is foreign ID numbers (ARC) don’t work with the system anymore

I think so. I’m just happy they’re not kicking off those who have previously registered.

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Welp. Looks like I have a new fight for the MPs and since I already have a great track record of making APT cave… I guess i’ll be back at it again.

Campaign season makes yelling at them easier than ever cause they are out of hiding.

Feel strongly about this? Let me know and like this post!


If this is true, it seriously pisses me off :angry:


This is fucking terrible. I rely on ubike to get around. We need to arrange a group protest


Honestly if this is true, there will likely be a full-scale revolt of foreign residents within a few days.

Ubike is life.


I think this is not right. But I register my EasyCard for Youbike years ago. So maybe rule changes?
You could try register from the docking station machine. I just help a hapless Vietnamese lady to register in the machine about a month ago.
An active EasyCard (scan to machine) and an active cellphone to get the code all that need. No need ID card, names or address as demanded in the net version.

My account still works.

That means I need to buy a new telephone number to try it out.

The GREAT WALL is everywhere, blocking foreigners in every way imaginable

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I created my account over a year ago. I just logged in and noticed my personal information doesn’t have any ID number added.

Therefore I suspect the ID number became a recently added mandatory field on the registration page and doesn’t support the ARC number format.

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This is likely related to the insurance they launched a while ago. They keep sending me messages to register for it but it requires an ID number and our numbers don’t work of course (Won’t let you type a alpahbetical character for second digit).

I am guessing they are now possibly capturing the information on registration to automatically enroll people.


I just went to the site to try and register (never done it before) and when you enter an APRC/ARC number you receive the following.


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That’s no good!

Somebody else should try it to confirm.

Even if you are already in the system, simply try a number that conforms to what foreign residents have - i.e. FCXXXXXXX.


Worst of all, even if the government goes through with their scheme to change our ID numbers it still won’t work because they want to use values other than ‘1’ and ‘2’ for the second digit.

Looking at the UBike site code, they enforce a ‘1’ or ‘2’ for the second digit :- (