UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy

Prediction: McGregor TKOs Cowboy. Leggooo

Should be interesting. I don’t disagree.

I think leg kicks will make this fight interesting though. If CM tries to soften Cowboy’s legs up like he did Nate, he might be in for a surprise. Cowboy kicks back.

This could be an Aldo fight though. One and done.

Coner KO cowboy first round. Cowboy always been a slow starter and Coner is “notorious” in the first round.

I’m going for Cowboy. I hope I’m wrong because I like watching Connor fight.

That Irish dwarf should never be allowed in a ring/octagon again.

He is just ‘not right’.

I’m going to have to go with Mcgregor. He might be a giant ass but he can fight. One of the most entertaining fighters in recent times.

Damn Conor claims he’s getting 80 mil for this fight. Mad haterz errr where.

Boy was that underwhelming.

While I do prefer results that don’t defer to judges (because they can always be bought and bribed), it would’ve been more fun to see more sparring between the two before the match ended.

Where in Yilan to watch UFC 246? I have a feeling I’ll be shit out of luck. :(. If you know please PM me!

Cowboy with a win at around 3 minutes into round 2.

stream it.

conor looks pretty good heading into this. the old focused non coked out conor we all missed. cowboy seems happy for the red panty night, gotta go with conor all the way.

Online. I’d be surprised if UFC.com didn’t seize the opportunity to sell ppv livestream

BOOM! Easy $$$$$$. As predicted. The Notorious is back!


Did cowboy even throw a punch?

Not even competitive

That’s always been cowboy in the 1st round. He’s a slow starter, unfortunately. Cowboy is a class act and a legend. He got PAID. So good for cowboy!

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Cowboy is shot, but at least we know were Conor is now after his two year rape, whiskey and coke binge

cowboy lost his last 3 to Gaethje, Fergurson and Mcgregor. he ain’t shot he’s just not on the same level as those elite murderers. conor had some bad intentions in this one. never seen shoulder strikes like that before. insane.

Cowboy is 36. @OrangeOrganics tell us something we dont’ know. The thing is…what the f’k can anyone do to Conor? Absolutely nothing…Conor still going to fight and still going to make money and still going to make haters hate.

If you dont’ know by now, he’s on the same status as Mayweather. People pay to watch his down fall. That’s where the $$$ is at. 80 mil for this fight is no joke. Actually better you dont’ know because you’ll just get even more upset.

GSP could still dominate at that age. Cowboy’s problem is the bazillion fights he had. His chin is gone.

Masvidal would be a tall tall order for Conor. Will be interesting to see who they put him against next. Think will be Masvidal but he is too big for Conor I feel