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It looked weird but tasted great. :laughing:

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If you’re still in the Reading area, I recommend visiting Henley-on-Thames and Marlow, if you haven’t already. Lovely towns on the river, the former famous for the Henley Royal Regatta and generally being the home of rowing, lots of impressive houses and architecture in both places too.

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Sonning is lovely too

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THANK YOU :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was there for a short meeting, but try stay longer next time and explore. thanks


The black pudding looks mass produced in your pic

I admit the small size of the pudding in my pic, but it was freshly made in an upscale place.

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ok, then BB (breakfast Bangers) then!

I think so, its a hotel! BB’s look good there too

Used one, took the other back to Taiwan haha, still unopened

Sausages / bangers will do the job.

Breaky at Civil Service Club, New Scotland Yard, London

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What did they get you for?

Yeah I’d I get knicked for breakfast like that. :yum:

They have to serve their clients breakfast. It’s usually McDonald’s. My mate’s a desk sergeant.

@ChewDawg must have been very naughty to get that kind of a start to the day. Being a civil servant, perhaps?

Scotch with a brekkie. That’s how it’s done properly.

I am old school.

I bet some people have some funny handshakes in that place :smiley:

The poached eggs look fantastic. I could live exclusively on those.

That looks gross and is not "English food "

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