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Stay in a hostel? Any suggestions?

‘London’ and ‘Cheap’ just don’t fit into the same sentence.

My advice would be to stay somewhere outside the city and commute in for whatever-it-is you want to do there. The underground extends a long way out into the commuter belt (ie., the hinterlands around the M25) and although it’s a bit slow and tiresome, you’ll get better accommodation prices. Some of the crappy parts of London are also quite interesting in themselves.

If you were to stay in (for example) Chelmsford or Basingstoke, you should find a good choice of AirBnB options, and there’s a reasonably reliable rail link into the city.


How old are you? I don’t think old people should stay at youth hostels. They are called youth hostels for a reason.

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Only old people call them youth hostels.


Exactly why they should be avoided.

The trouble is the underground is really expensive. Zone 6 to 1 would be around 100 quid a week. I think London on the cheap is impossible unless you know someone who lives there who will put you up. Or you sleep rough.


Just stay at a hotel. It’s not that expensive if you book early.


There are no month pass for the tube?

Is OP staying a whole month?

260 quid

Two minutes of googling shows me that a two-person room in Abercorn House (tiny room for two with shared bathroom) is NT$1,275.
Most parks and many great museums are free. Buy your food from a supermonkey, and pretend you’re young again. Leave London with your digital photos and fond memories.


Other than the tube which is still criminally overpriced, London should be normal expensive now given GBP’s poor performance. Just stay at a hotel it’s honestly fine. I went in January 2020 and the hotel I stayed was like £30-40/night, breakfast included, within walking distance to Paddington. That’s totally reasonable.


What the hell is the tube?

A very dirty MRT that often breaks.


You serious? You could buy a car for that.

I want one of these.

Key is to plan in advance. If you book well before then it is possible to find very affordable rooms in central London. I recently stayed at a very decent short rental apartment (found via booking.com) 5 mins away from Tottenham Court Road Station (Oxford Street).

If you want “to do London” then don’t stay in Zone 6. It is not “London”, and it costs so much time and money to commute to and from central.

But it really depends on how long you go for, what is the purpose, your exact budget, etc.

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Watch it on youtube?

Use air bnb. Museums and lots of things are free in London. It’s not an expensive city, unless you want it to be. Take the bus. Very cheap. Hop on and off.

Brother I love you, but none of your sentence is true.


It must have improved since I was living in London then.

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