Well, last week some a$$ kicked my cars rear passenger side door in. Bad luck eh? Well, fick, this weekend the other drivers side rear door had been hit and had some lovely blue paint to go with the paint job.

Some fickers. Anyway, there is a security camera on the street but it didn’t catch the guilty party because it was turning the other way. More bad luck.

The police were really helpful though, perhaps because my wife went into the station and the cop was young and my wife is beautiful.

Someone out to get me or just bad luck?

The paranoid part of me says that it is not a coincidence.

BTW, you spelled a word wrong. It is a$$hole, not a$$. :smiley:

My sympathies, but it sounds like someone is out to get you. A competing school perhaps?

I don’t know if I should get the doors fixed or not. Would that just inspire them to do some more damage and as a result up my insurance premiums even more? I didn’t fix the first hit because I suspected it was intentional and it happened again anyway.

The first day I had my new motorcycle parked in the street, somebody mysteriously “knocked over” a scooter to leave a big dent in the gas tank. If you look around Taipei, you can hardly find a car without key scratches on the doors. It’s Taiwanese custom, just like breaking a bottle onto a new ship, to damage other people’s cars and bikes.

I rode my brand spanking new motorbike home from the shop last Friday afternoon. It was a twenty minute ride. I parked just outside the front door to my place while I raced upstairs to get the remote control for the underground garage so that I could park it safely off the street. I was gone for a whole 2.5 minutes. Came back and found my bike laying on it’s side with a big scratch down the side. I am pretty sure it was just an accident as I don’t think I have any enemies, but was pretty pissed nonetheless. Only 22.5 minutes before my new bike got it’s first scratch. That’s gotta be a record surely!

Bassman, sorry to hear about that. That’s really sh*tty man.

Probably was a malicious @$$hole from a rival school. It would fit the Taiwanese frame of mind. No one wants to lose face, so instead of being a blatant @$$hole and doing it in front of you, they are a cowardly @$$hole and do it when you aren’t looking. It’s like stabbing someone in the back for Chriz sakes. :fume: :bluemad:

Sorry, everyone. I just have had a hell of a few days dealing with the kind of crap Bassman has experienced. :raspberry:

You foreigners just don’t understand Chinese culture.

Whether I understand it or not, I don’t hold with people who do cowardly bullsh*t like smash your windows in while you are away or key your new damn car right down the side.

Whether I understand it or not, I don’t hold with people who do cowardly bullsh*t like smash your windows in while you are away or key your new damn car right down the side.[/quote]

Steve, I got that t-shirt more than 20 years ago.

LOL. My bad blueface. Still, I hold to my statement. And btw, where did you get that? Is it possible to get one of that quote from a local politician who said “Chinese are much smarter than foreigners”? That would be priceless.

You foreigners just don’t understand Chinese culture. In the arse, Steve, in the arse. You lose so much more face when you get chibbed in the arse. :wink:

Maybe it was an accident. But this speaks volumes on the Taiwanese way of seeing things. Sure I’ve accidently knocked over bikes and scooter before but I’ve always pick them up. I guess Taiwanese people are just really selfish and self centered, a little “middle kingdom” mentality.

Bassman, if you actually give a damn about this car, why is it parked outside? If you’re going to park outside, drive a beater. Better yet, a blue truck.

You drive a Matiz right?

It wouldn’t take much to put a dent in that little toy…

If both instances were the result of a passenger side smashing while parked, then I would be suspicious. But, it sounds like one smashing and another unlucky hit by a blue truck to me. Maybe your just having a bad week. Or maybe Hess has put out a contract out on your car.

Can relate. Got rear-ended on the way to work today. A new Ford matchbox car into the back of my 10 year old Isuzu Rodeo with heavy duty trailer hitch and bush bar at about 40K. Even though the Ford was totalled, I STILL have to repaint my damn bumper… :smiling_imp:

Sucks either way…I feel for you.

Should I be looking for a used Rodeo or a used Trooper? I’m ditching the Sentra and having one or the other, that’s for sure – I’m just not sure which. What do you think?

Isuzu all the way

Of the two I prefer the Rodeo, but have the valvegear checked out :wink:

That’s the thing – they’re both Isuzu, both available here.

I’ll pm you on this one if that is ok…


Isuzus rock, but the valvetrain thing with the 3.2SOHC is kind of annoying and very common. When the weather gets cold, it will knock like hell for about 3 minutes on a cold start. Right when you say, 'allright dammit, I’m going to rebuild the top-end! :bluemad: ’ it just goes away and purrs like a kitten. Some people have tried using different types of oils with varying degrees of success. I’m running 0W40 with about a pint of synthetic tranny fluid added to the mix…Hillbilly method but has helped some. There aren’t too many older Troopers here, and the 97-01 have a major oil burning issue. In Taiwan anyway, I would stick with a pre-97 Rodeo. I go to Taipei often, you are welcome to take mine for a spin and see what you think…Anytime!

They are awesome off-road, and stronger than just about any other SUV. Just ask the woman that hit me yesterday! :smiling_imp:

Lastly, there is a guy with a 96 Rodeo LS down here for sale…Lifted though. Full torsion bar crank/offroad tires with six inch shackles and add a leaf kit. What do you want to use it for?..