Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


So, I’ve been scouring the internet for good deals. Haven’t committed yet… but I thought the best deal was $288/mo for unlimited data (with either no or very limited talk/text).

And here’s the same deal with a different carrier:

Am I missing something in the fine print which makes $499/month a better deal? (I tried to read the fine print as much as I could, but my Chinese only got me so far before I quit… I hardly ever read all the terms when I was back in the States!)

EDIT: Fixed typos. I’m on my phone.


I’m using the second one, but instead of $288 I got it for ,$249 a few months ago.

No real catch except they limit your speed to max 21 Mbps. No data transfer limit.
Also those two carriers are smaller and there are more dead spots than the bigger players.

Works decent enough for me considering the price


Thanks so much for the reply! It’s great to confirm that this is a real thing :).


Apparently there’s huge lines. Some places were open until midnight. My wife and I are going this afternoon. More my wife’s idea. I’d rather just spend the extra 300 a month than wait hours for this deal and have to change my number as well (since we’re changing contracts). But she insists. So I’ll report from the battlefield what I see.


AFAIK you shouldn’t have to change your number. I’ve changed contracts from Chunghua to Taiwan Mobile and was able to keep the same number.


Thanks. I’ll ask about that.


From what I remember, like 6 or so years ago (maybe longer?), the people complained and the government made it some law that said you are allowed to keep your number if you change carriers.


You just need to pay your prior carrier $200 or so and they give you a paper to give to the new carrier. It releases the number into portability . Usually the new carrier will give you a credit in the exact amount to offset.


Here’s a calculator to figure out how much you may have to pay to cancel your current contract.


Probably not the most accurate because gf filled in the blanks for me and said it’d cost me 6000NT. I filled it in and got 0NT. Nonetheless, just a reference.


I just went to the one in Neihu on Neihu Road and Gangqian intersection. My number is 2098 and they had just called 1120. I’ll stop by after work and see where they are at. This branch is open until 9. and I think this deal goes on until 5/15 according to their website.


Co-worker just went during lunch and grabbed a number that was the current number + 650.

This is the branch near Zhong Shan and Chang Chun intersection.

Looking forward to what your experience is like @Aikaili .


Now I understand why the 288nt offer from t-star is only available online, they wanted to avoid the stampede of destiny…


With all these new unlimited internet access users I can only imagine that 4G will slow to a crawl on Mother’s day and thereafter.


“CHT started selling toilet paper”


I understood that reference!


Had the same thought. All these Korean dramas being streamed 24/7 will take their toll.


I made the same joke to my office mates. It’s the new toilet paper fiasco.


Number 160. They’re on 70. :man_facepalming:


Hmmm… some colleagues mentioned that there could be some kind of speed limit on some of these offers - like for example 21Mbit max. But I didn’t find that in the offers linked in this thread.

PS: FareEastone also has this kind of deal: https://www.fetnet.net/estore/shopping/act.do?cmd=initPromo (but seems overloaded right now)


I think the speed will not drop after you have used a certain amount of data.

I never heard of domestic plans that are 4G speeds for the first xG, only for international SIM cards.