Updating your ARC without waiting 2 Weeks

I will soon update my marriage ARC with my new passport number, but do not want to wait 2 weeks for them to make my card as it stops me from doing so many things. I’ve heard that some people have managed to get it printed the same day before, so if you did, could you please share what you said to get them to do this?

The card represents what is on their system, what do you need it for?

Can an official piece of paper with your ARC details on it not do the job?

You can’t use the piece of paper as a form of ID, it’s pretty useless. I’ve been through all this before and it’s a major inconvenience.


It is an utter pain but I do not think there is a way around this . Last time I changed address, I was about to travel overseas and I asked if I could retain my aprc . Their reasoning given for refusing , was that they did not want 2 cards in existence. I said that they , actually , were holding the replacement … but … the issue is when dealing with a bank etc , is that they won’t accept a piece of paper from NIA stating you are updating your card .

I just read they can renew ARC online now for students.

I don’t know what their stupid two week delay is about.
They do them in big batches supposedly.

When I needed mine earlier I found they often get them finished within 5-7 working days. You can call them to check.

I just renewed the info on my APRC exactly 2 weeks ago. You get to keep your old card until they give you the new one.

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Is this new? I wonder if it’s the same for the marriage ARC. I feel like it might depend on what immigration officer you encounter.

Last time I updated it they didn’t give me back, but now they let me have it without any request on my part

Progress . Must be a recent change . I will let you know this week when I change mine , if it is ok to keep my card in Taichung . Looks hopeful .

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Same for me a month ago in Taipei. You give them the old one when you pick up the new one. A first for me as well.

Edit: Mine was just an ARC, not APRC

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Great, do you mind if I ask what type of ARC?

I’ll be updating the passport number on my marriage ARC once my passport comes back.

Also in Taipei.

Same, marriage ARC. Changed the address.

Edit: This applies to self-pickup only. If you want them to send it to you, you will have to give the old one back first.


Hmmm…I picked up my renewed ARC last week…they did not let me keep my old ARC.

I just renewed the Marriage arc a few weeks but they didn’t let me keep it . Then again I had to travel overseas and there was a risk of it getting cancelled in the middle of the trip, instead I asked them to rush issue.
Good to know though !
They shouldn’t need to hold the old one when processing it especially if you have to go and pick it up and its out of date anyway.

Your reply confused me.

Did they process it there and then because of the travel requirement?

Did you ask if you could?

No, I called them and they told me the batch was already being processed and it would be ready within about 7 working days. You can call them and they can check the status. The two weeks is just to guarantee that it will be on the desk.

Last time they gave me a pick up day, then when I picked it up they said it had been there for like a week already, was quite pissed off.

Yep it seems thats what they do. Call them and can get much earlier.

Has anyone tried their online service? They claim to have your ARC ready in 5 days. Only for students though.