Urgent advice about lost income

I had surgery 2 weeks ago so couldn"t work for 2 weeks.Does anyone know if the labour insurance covers you in any way?Does it work differently since teacher’s work permits are issued by the labour department?

Need some advice because don’t think school will be willing to find out.I get paid hourly.

My understanding is that you only have seven days to claim your moneyn back. This is based upon someone having a health care card, but not on their person during a hospital visit. You have to pay the full amount, but can return within seven days for a partial refund.

Assuming that you have an ARC to work, and a health care card, at least some of the expenses would have been covered.

I do have a health card and did pay a very reasonable price for 3 days in hospital.Think you misunderstoodmy question.

I need to know if I can claim any money from labour insurance for missing many hours of work.Why do we need to pay $500 monthly?

skywalker, R U from Canada by chance?

it snds like U R thinkin of unemployment insurance, i;m pretty sure here U will get nothing from the government, but generally isn’t your company suppose to pay you for “sick days”? should be in your contract…I doubt the gov here has any sort of program like that, it;d be pretty kewl if they did, but than the company would have to submit proof that u make the amount u make…

It sounds like you took personal time off for a personal reason (ie, surgury). I am not aware of many Western Countries that would give anything for that. In Taiwan, like most other countries, you could get money if you had to take time off (for surgury, rehab, etc…) if it directly resulted from you working (a work-related injury). Were you injuried while on the job?

[quote=“skywalker”]I need to know if I can claim any money from labour insurance for missing many hours of work.Why do we need to pay $500 monthly?[/quote]I think you mean the employment stabilization fund. I’m also unsure what it’s for but I don’t think it’s for compensation for loss of earnings.

One suggestion is here;
[forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … 413#140413](Deportation questions [quote=“skeptic yank”]I am aware that all legal foreign teachers here buck up into an employment stabilization fund that is (in theory) to pay for deportation tickets.[/quote]