US Election - non-inflammatory discussion only, no Twitter links, no back and forth arguments

So, since it’s all kicked off in US Politics I thought I’d create a safe zone outside of it for normal people. :upside_down_face:

Is my math correct? Is it 304 for Biden?


253 to 213 so far. How’d you arrive at 304?

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He’ll take Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania. Only NC will go to Trump.

Georgia now down to 4000. Penn projected an easy win by 40,000.

I missed the beginning of Trump’s presser.

“If you count the legal votes I easily win.”


I feel kinda sad. I want to see him come out and do his little Spongebob dance for us again.


Nevada will go for Biden—and that will put him at the 270 mark (i.e. elected as president).

The other states will provide some cushion as the inevitable legal battles begin. Pennsylvania will be the worst.



He looked pretty sad leaving the presser. Especially with Jim Acosta screaming out “are you just being a sore loser?”

The crazy thing is most of the governors are GOP. They’re in charge of the election. They’re insulted at Trumps remarks.

A helpful breakdown of the current situation from the indefatigable Steve Kornacki (who’s become something of a minor celebrity in this process!):


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MSNBC cut away twenty seconds into Trumps presser. They were just like, yeah, nah, we don’t need to see this.


I’ll say it again. :slightly_smiling_face:

And there’s still time – about two and a half months till he’s formally kicked out. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

We can’t view that in Taiwan. Can you tik tok it with your tentacles?

Yep, even Ben Ginsberg of Recount fame. I just watched it the other day and then noticed that the guy was in the news again, saying basically what he said earlier this year (can’t find the more recent article right now).

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No!!! :rage:

Try this one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Math says Biden takes GA, it’s still hard to believe though…

This is based on a pretty big sample of results yesterday, with Biden getting 80% of the vote consistently, and math saying he needed 2/3.

Buut I’m not specifically aware of the last counties to go.

It’s only 3500 gap with 18,000 votes still to come in from urban areas.


If true, it’s a race between GA and PA. NV seems to want to chill and announce later.

I don’t want to say expect results, but GA is almost there, PA says they could get there tonight…

So in a couple of hours we could see a drop? :rofl:

I’ve been following, but not day and night, thank god for that. I know people who stayed up all night election night, those poor sods.

I pity those CNN guys who’ve had to pad this out for three days solid. Brutal.


If Biden wins, you guys think he will take the call from Tsai?

I don’t think he’ll remember who she is.


I’d be disappointed if he didn’t tbh. I don’t see him as pro-China despite him being painted that way here. But I may be wrong,