US Income Tax Help

Hey guys,

If any American needs helps with your federal income tax, my friend takes cases.
She’s an American and works for one of the big 3 accounting firms. She lives in Taipei right now.

Saved. Thank you!
Getting my W forms sent to my father state side, but not sure where/ when I’m going to file.
If he can’t file them for me, I’ll definitely ask your friend!

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No problem, its a She btw

Just a friendly reminder to any American citizens reading this: yes, you have to file every year. No, you probably won’t have to actually pay any tax to the US gov’t, unless you made more than around US$100,000 that year. Yes, some “Free File” programs such as H&R Block support Form 2555 for the foreign income exclusion, but if you make more than about US$60,000 it will be a small fee to use the software, instead of “Free File”.

Lastly, yes, you have to file FBAR forms to comply with FATCA if you have any foreign bank accounts (in Taiwan or anywhere else) with balances in excess of US$10,000 at any time during the year.

Ah, the joys of a US passport.

Disclaimer: I’m not a tax professional, just a long-suffering US expat.

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Good reminder on FBAR I just filed mine last week.

I want to give a strong endorsement of for tax help. She patiently untangled four years of neglected US taxes and got me up to date, with clear filing instructions and explanations. I got so much more than my money’s worth, so please consider her if you want reliable and top-notch tax preparation services.


Yup she did a great service for me going back 3 years worth of taxes.

Sounds promising. What did it cost you?

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@Bree is a US accountant.

Thanks. While I am still taking new clients, I am no longer advertising. It’s nice to be near capacity :grin:

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New to preparing US taxes this year, as my employer was providing the providing the benefit until now. Some of my stuff is complicated so I want to make sure I do it right. Any advise on navigating the swamp?

Start way earlier. :idunno:

get a CPA in the US to help you file.
you’re making enough at a US firm to pay the fee and sleep soundly

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Any recommendations?

There’s one in this thread (@Bree ) but sounds like you should act fast. I use these guys:

There’s a form 4868 that you can file to extend the June 15 deadline to October (I always do it in September so I don’t remember the exact date after extension).

I need to file American income taxes for 2018.

I’d like to know the 1) best and hopefully cheapest way to file, 2)what forms are required of my Taiwanese employer, and 3) which forms to file with the IRS.

In 2018 I worked 2months in USA, lived 1.5months outside USA (getting my TEFL), and then was unemployed until July where I moved to Taiwan.

I have been in Taiwan since July 2018. I have had my ARC since 2018/10/15. I worked for two months in USA in 2018 and taxes were deducted from my wages. I also have some investments in USA. I definitely made under $10,000 USD in total for both jobs.

I looked through some boards and can’t find a definitive answer to my question. Hopefully I will get one and we can use this thread as a resource in the future.

A v. Good friend of mine didn’t file from '96-‘07& NOTHING happened.
Another v. Good friend who recently became an expat in’ 18 downloaded the forms & filed 4.15.19

If your gross income was under $12,000, you don’t have to file.