US military base on Taiwan

. Who would like the idea of having a US base in Taiwan. R.OC. ?

  • I would like a US military base in Taiwan.
  • I definitely do not want a US military base in Taiwan.
  • Not Sure.
  • I would like a CCP base in Taiwan.
  • As it is now
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It’s a difficult question because the only reason for a US base in Taiwan is to prevent China from invading. But at the same time having a base would definitely push China towards invasion.

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What kind of base would it even be? Could Taiwanese ports handle an aircraft carrier group?

It would have to be built overnight because China would begin military action if the US made any real move to build a base including any preliminaries like appropriating budget.

“Visiting” is much more palatable.


I would like the idea that the US based which were here before had never been removed, but not so much the idea of adding new bases in 2024

because that would have to be known?

Who’s going to vote for the CCP base option? I wouldn’t even do that as a troll move.

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Create facts on the ground. Build a big F35 runway and claim it’s a parking lot.

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There’s already US military stationed in Taiwan.

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That’s why I made the poll non anonymous , as I knew that would be a troll’s choice.

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Most defense appropriations are public and especially something like this would be so vast including organizational changes and everything it would be public quickly. Plus Congressional reviews they can’t keep anything secret.


As an American it is a cardinal sin to disrespect the troops, especially when Toby Lincoln Washington Jackson Keith just passed away.

If someone were to say that American troops stationed in Asian countries cause more social trouble than they’re worth and often times give a poor impression of Americans overall, that would be crazy.

It would be an immense oversimplification of course, but one could see their point.

Is that a response to a comment here or just making a statement.

Actually not too difficult to have a US base overnight for example Taichung Air Base built by the Americans and the runway is built still good enough to handle B-52’s today I mean just example not that they would be flying from Taiwan.


If the US put some nuclear missiles on Taiwan , I guess that would be like a Cuban missile crisis. There would be a stand off and then one would back down or good bye civilization.

1 - the military and Congress is able to keep projects unacknowledged. Didn’t Roper say a few years ago they’d built a new fighter? Who saw that coming?
2 - military budgets might be the one thing Congress is capable of shutting up about. Where’s the yapping and line item about said fighter?
3 - I’d expect this to be not ridiculously costly to the US - Taiwan would probably pick up a big chunk of it.

I think they’d go in Japan before they were lodged in Taiwan.


Best as it is now, have in subs, hidden away and moving constantly.

About USA bases, Okinawan experience as host is mixed case as far as locals see it, not sure it would be any better in Taiwan. I voted no, as there are big bases in Guam and various locations in Japan which are close enough and would be of huge cost. (Would Taiwan pay for it)

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It’s really just about Chinese deterrence. And if the US base got hit in a conflict, it would aid in getting the China issue brought up to snuff right quick. Which is probably the exact reason the US won’t do it. The world fucked up propping up the ccp so much over the decades. Karma isn’t going to be fun. The longer we wait, the harder it will hit.

I voted yes, but only for the China issue. There is no other reason taiwan would want them here.

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