US States With Taiwan License Reciprocity

Iowa inks license deal

Iowa on Monday signed a reciprocal driver’s license agreement with Taiwan in the US state, removing the requirement of a road test for those eligible from either side. With the signing of the deal, Iowa became the 23rd US state to enter into such an agreement. Under the agreement, which took effect immediately, Taiwanese living in Iowa and holding a valid Taiwanese driver’s license will be exempt from the road test when they apply for a license there, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago said. They will be able to get a standard, Class C driver’s license in Iowa after passing a written test and a vision test, the office said. Similarly, Iowans with permission to reside in Taiwan for at least a year will be entitled to reciprocal treatment, it said.

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Yes, another state being overpopulated by Taiwanese immigrants being added to the list!

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And another one!

Kansas inks license MOU

Taiwan and the US state of Kansas on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on driver’s license reciprocity that allows license-holders from either side to obtain a local license without having to take local tests, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Denver said. The MOU, which went into effect immediately, makes Kansas the 24th state with which Taiwan has signed a driver’s license reciprocity agreement, the office said in a statement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it would continue to work with other US states to provide the same convenience to their residents.

still waiting for CA, might be the very last one

Wyoming ink license deal

Taiwan and Wyoming have signed a reciprocal agreement that allows licensed drivers to get a license in each other’s territory without taking written and road tests, a media release issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said on Thursday. The agreement takes effect immediately. Wyoming is the 25th US state to have entered into such an agreement with Taiwan.

These USA State licensing comments have nothing to do with getting an international driver licence here (Taiwan). Talking about it here just confuses this topic for everyone especially people not from USA.

Really need a separate topic titled “US States With Taiwan License Reciprocity” so people can talk about it and find it later when they need it.


So if my state has this then what are the steps I have to take to get the taiwanese license?

II found this. Fuck man I hate trying to go to AIT. It’s so far away and takes forever to get through it. Plus $50 bucks just for a notory stamp!

You could take the tests, might make you miss AIT!

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Are there any alternative notory services that you can use to authenticate us documents? The worst part of ait is that there is extremely limited availability. Can’t even make an appointment until February and in all of February there are only 4 days available