Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports

I pitty the fool that calls wanting honest data crazy because of internet phone typos.

Too tired of this new fu,ked up phone to bother finidng a mr t picture. About to go full hulk smash on this samsung trash. I literally cant click on the words to edit them…

Thats not good news. Thats ~notshitsherlock~

The fact it actually makes news is almost disheartening

We already have digital tied to our currency. this bond will never be divorced! Unless…nations start to do away with their physical currency, people really ought to be either digging tunnels or lynching muthuphukers. There is literally no excuse to GET RID of aphysical currency/money unless tyranny is about to show its ugly head. Again…

Its amazing that the self proclaimed smart people with certificates from buildings registered as, pass, are so lousy at history/common sense/psychology/sociology/economics/morality/sustainable preservation/ ecology/biology/duuuhhhh.

Yuri Bezmenov put it best when he said “When a military boot crushes their balls, THEN they will know, but not before”

You can scream and shout and explain, but at the end of the day I think people are destined to learn things the hard way, you just don’t want to be there when they do, and have a place to go.

That’s basically what the whole of Taiwan is. All the people that thought communism wasn’t the best idea who got out of Dodge.


No, it isn’t. Read a book.

Big question is will they start phasing in a requirement to present these to enter certain venues?

They try to be compatible with EU digital vaccine certificates. Should ease traveling to EU and hopefully all of international traveling.

Requirement to ask for proof of vaccination in Taiwan does not need digital certificates. This can be done with existing yellow vaccination cards.

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You’re correct, but many jurisdictions have created digital vaccine passports for daily use with a QR code so you don’t need to haul around the original documents.

Sure, those can be more convenient and are easily replaceable if lost.

The focus is on the authenticity. The digital certificates can be easily verified to be from certified authorities, can not to be forged.

I’m generalising. Use North and South Korea if it makes you feel better or any other more clear cut example. Cubans or Russians escaping to America, Jews escaping Nazi Germany etc.

Microchips are even better and much more convenient.

I’m getting mine next week

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Although the certificates will not be used domestically for the time being, they could be in the future, Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) said.


Double-moral of the story, school districts have no right to force this upon students.


I agree with this. If biology, natural history and human history has taught us 1 thing, its that your point has been fairly well proven!

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Head Start provides education-related services to low-income children.

It was really nice of the Biden admin to dangle funding and the vaccination over the program’s head. :clap:

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Encouraging public health? Oh, the horror! Real Murrcan patriot eagle freedom gun jesus pickup truck men encourage school shootings and obesity! Yeeeehawwww!

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“doing illegal and immoral shit” ≠ “encouraging public health”

Frankly, I think people will need to get used to the idea of sorting out their own problems, and accept that government henceforth is going to be a malevolent force standing against human progress. Things like “Head Start” programmes need to go back to funding/supporting themselves from private pockets so that they can run their operations as they see fit. Hopefully people will vote with their feet and avoid organisations run by fascists and religious nutcases.

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The main problem with everything today is wgen people go from 0 to 100 in an instant and just go full blown extremist on either side.

He was saying its not nice to give an ultimatum to an education service (presumably eapecially when the rest of the country is a total clusterfuck).

The ultra left is every bit a much responsible as the ultra right. There are degrees and we shouldnt be going full fuck you without actually trying logical fact based measures first.

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