Vaccines for Teachers (Category 7)

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This is odd as folks with your profile are already getting contacted, at least in Taipei.

I hope you can get vaccinated!


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Google translate of some Chinese articles on vaccination and covid test for cram school teachers

Zeng Canjin pointed out that the city government is scheduled to administer the vaccine to the remedial education industry on July 30 and August 2. The fast screening certificate before the administration is in principle, the first fast screening will be subsidized by the city government at NT$350 per person. , Will apply to the Education Bureau after the cram school consultation.

The vaccination of cram school staff is slow. Taoyuan City will only start the vaccination three days today; Hsinchu City will start the vaccination tomorrow; Hsinchu County will plan the vaccination the day after tomorrow; Miaoli County will only take their turn on the 30th. The biggest problem in Nantou County is that there are no remaining vaccines allocated to remedial education personnel. There are nearly 800 people in the remedial education industry in the county who have not been able to get the vaccine. The county government hopes that the central government will allocate the project vaccine as soon as possible. The remedial education industry in Changhua County has just completed the registration and has to wait for the central government to allocate vaccines.

The Taichung City Tuition Association completed a quick screening of 300 people yesterday and all were negative. The operators paid for it at their own expense. Xie Zhifang, the chairman of the Zhong City Tuition Education Association, said that the members signed up for the quick screening. This is the first group quick screening event for tuition classes in Taiwan. On the first day of yesterday, 157 applications for resumption of business were approved, and 126 applications were approved, and the rest of the businesses had to make up for it.

The Education Bureau also plans to vaccinate remedial education practitioners from July 27th to 29th. This time the vaccination station is Yadong Hospital, with a total of 8,853 people, in order to really enhance the protection of remedial classes. It is also reminded that if there are people in the cram school who have not yet been vaccinated, please grasp the time of the second phase of vaccine preparation. The Ministry of Education is expected to open the report from 5 pm on July 26 to 5 pm on 28th. Please go to the information management of short-term tuition classes Carry out systematically to ensure the health and safety of education partners.

Kaohsiung City is speeding up the pace of vaccine delivery for educators. National, high school and supplementary education personnel have determined that the vaccine will be administered at 7 locations including the Arena and Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall on the 28th and 29th of this week. The estimated number of vaccinations will be close to 23,000. Thousands of people. Mayor Chen Qimai yesterday decided to increase the speed of the beating of national, high school and supplementary teachers.

The Chiayi City Government provides two-week doses of COVID-19 quick screening agents for self-testing by teachers and staff in kindergartens, class photo centers, and cram schools. Today (26), about 4,000 doses will be distributed on the first floor of the city hall. The kindergarten, class photo center and cram school will send staff to the city hall to collect them. Mayor Huang Minhui encourages everyone to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention work to give children and parents peace of mind .


Taiwan had a really rough start, but I’m proud of how more efficient they’re becoming at getting people jabbed.


Who is requiring the police check? I’m getting mine this week and was never asked for one :upside_down_face:

Also, I had a background check to get here. Is this people that never had one??

Some buxibans maybe didn’t bother to register teachers after they got work permit for them.

And now they have to come clean or risk going out of business.

Just booked my shot today. Cram school teacher in NTPC. Was surprised to see so many slots still available. The system opened on Saturday. Injections on 27/28/29.

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The Central Epidemic Command Center sent a letter to the health bureaus of counties and cities on the 27th and pointed out that in order to ensure a stable supply of vaccines, it is recommended to exclude those who have not been vaccinated, such as those who have not been vaccinated, such as those who maintain national security and the normal operation of social functions, except for supplementary kindergartens and class photos. In addition to the second dose of vaccination for center staff, personnel going abroad on business, diplomatic family members, and aviation crew members, high school teachers from other countries, it is recommended that the vaccination service be suspended until the next batch of vaccines is allocated.

Faculty and staff below high school in Beishi completed the first stage of vaccination today. The city government stated that it will arrange for cram school operators to vaccinate. The high-risk Wanhua District will give priority to the first batch of 226 people. It will be arranged in Huabo Zhengyan from tomorrow. The museum beats.

Tuition classes in other administrative regions will be arranged one after another next week. Please wait for notifications from partners in the tutoring industry.