Village Idiot title

I think the most idiotic thing of all is the village idiot label itself. It doesn’t bother me when I am feeling epecially mischievious, but when there is something I want to say that might actually be of some use to somebody and this label throws a shadow over everything I say it does piss me off. Especially if some other poster introduces it into the conversation as if it meant a bloody thing. I’ll admit that I have been fooling around here perhaps more than I should but sometimes it seems like the moderators here are acting like junior high school English teachers. Anything that doesn’t conform to what their idea of what a thread should be about is floundered and then they complain that they have too much floundering to do. I would suggest that if they get tired of this kind of work that they leave more of the good stuff alone. The short story that I left for mod lang in the new years resolution thread would be a good case in point. I don’t think that much of the readership here is looking for threads that stick too closely to the straight and narrow. Having said that I will agree to try a show a little more restraint around here myself.

Wait, if it’s not too much trouble: what’s the story behind this?

I had actually been wondering how you got to have a unique, personalized descriptor. I mean, most of the titles are intended to be silly and lighthearted right? So to get one that nobody else had I figured you must have some major guanxi with the forumosa brass or be a major financial donor or something…


Don’t worry about it too much. I think you are funny, a little whacked, but funny. Don’t censure yourself too much as you would probably be less funny and that would be a loss to us all. And, don’t worry about people who refute what you say by pointing to your “Village Idiot” label. If that is the basis of their counterpoints to your position, seems like a weak argument to me and probably shows that they can’t think of anything more intelligent to say.

Your pal on Forumosa,


In the good old days, a village idiot label was reserved for the guys who were on track to be banned, with vincent being a case in point. Now, it’s just for amusement, and people have actually lost their title, ask poor lane119.

I don’t like the Village Idiot title.

I don’t think the mods or whoever bestows that title onto anyone should insult someone like that. You can give posters warnings for posting too much trash, you can also ban someone.

It’s like a scarlet letter (ok, maybe not). It’s like branding someone and giving all other posters the freedom to attack a poster based on what the title is under someone’s handle.

I believe we should play fair here and not use people’s “title” as a base for personal attacks.

I thinking bob got it for his “My brain left film school, right?” posts. It’s not even the mods who bestow it, I wasn’t asked, it’s “The Administration”. Some people are deserving of it, but bob isn’t as bad as those, but he is a bit odd, maybe we can give him another title. And I think the fact that bob knows he isn’t an idiot means he isn’t one. An true idiot wouldn’t know or care.
So any suggestions what title bob should have ?


“Open Forum Oracle”

“Court Jester”

“Part of the furniture”

I’ve been opposed to this title for a long time and have argued against its use. IMO, use of this title violates Rule No. 8, which stipulates [color=red]no personal attacks will be tolerated. Flaming is a pasttime that does have a place on the World Wide Web, but that place is not at Forumosa.[/color]

As long as we’re talking about the rules:

If we are expected to tolerate bob’s nonsense despite his awareness of the rules and his disregard for my PMs to him, then I feel comfortable with him learning to tolerate the title of “village idiot”. :boo-hoo: :laughing:

Whew! For a second there I thought that THIS had been floundered. I almost blew a cork. Anywho I think it is lovely that you guys came out in my defence. This is my first real forum experience and at the outset I will admit that I could never have imagined ever giving a rats ass what any of you thought. Over time though you realize that this thing is allowing you to establish a connection with some pretty fine minds. People like Spack, Tigerman, Stragbasher, Gubo, Mother Teresa, Hexuan, Cranky Laowai, Much Man, Screaming Jesus… Heck I can even learn from the likes of LittlebuddhaTW and Vannyel. Naturally enough I think you become a bit sensitive about whatever title you have around here. “Village Idiot” has a kind of epic grandeur to it and I may have even chosen it myself. It is an entirely different thing though when it is imposed upon you, especially when you realize that some people don’t appreciate the irony of it.
I think that you can control a person’s behaviour to some extent by labelling him, although not in the way that you might expect. Call him an idiot and that is what he will be just to piss you off if for no other reason. Then again you could call him “Open Forum Oracle” and see what happens.

That was interesting timing.

If we are expected to tolerate bob’s [color=red]nonsense[/color] despite his awareness of the rules and his disregard for my PMs to him, then I feel comfortable with him learning to tolerate the title of “village idiot”. :boo-hoo: :laughing:[/quote]

I happen to be a big fan of Edward Lear and his famous nonsense lyrics (I even stayed at his home in London once).

In any event, I think the Rule that you cite is waaaaay too ambiguous (as are some of the other Rules, again, IMO).

How do we define “nonsense”, and how do we know that what we refer to as nonsense is in fact nonsense? Some very wise men have asserted that the greatest intelligence appears dull and slow.

Just remember, your inability to understand another person does not mean that such other person is confused.

Excuse me Tigerman but do I seem dull and slow to you? I just need to clarify that. Schizophrenic and deranged I can live with, but dull and slow?

And while we are at it the impression I have of Maoman is that he is someone who has worked very hard at becoming the educated person that he so obviously is, but that he suffers from a sort of literal mindedness that prevents him from appreciating, for lack of a better term, nonsense.

Oops. I forgot to mention smerf in my list of great forumosans. :notworthy:

No, you certainly do not.

My point was merely that things are not always what it is they appear to be. I was also referring to the very ambiguous portion of the Rule cited by Maoman that prohibits “stupidity”.

Sorry Tiger that was the paranoid aspect of my delusionary psychosis talking there.

No problem. :slight_smile:

Another comment re the VI title.

I think it is clear that the VI title encourages other posters to violate Rule No. 8.

I dont like the terms Village Idiot either, and I dont like labelling at all. But the Admin seems to like it that way. So, just learn to be a good and law abiding forumosan before they label you VI, its better than if they setup being to put to Forumosan Jail and wont be able to post until your ban is lifted again.


As long as we’re talking about the rules:

If we are expected to tolerate bob’s nonsense despite his awareness of the rules and his disregard for my PMs to him, then I feel comfortable with him learning to tolerate the title of “village idiot”. :boo-hoo: :laughing:[/quote]Oh I’m going to get it for this one… :doh: “Free and frank exchange of opinions.” So be it…Tell me maoman why I should respect the rules? I’m confused. You don’t respect them yourself. I look up to you aroud here you know, newbee me and all. In a free exchange of opinions, what you see as non-sense may be reality to me or Bob or anyone. I think it’s too much to use [color=black]we[/color] in your sentence about toleration. Clearly some of the above posters would disagree with that. I don’t have to tolerate Bob. He cracks me up more than anything. I like it. It’s his right to disregard your pms. For one he may disagree with you and you are just another poster. I won’t adjust my posts to anyone’s demands on this forum. Why should bob? Because of your status? Your segnority? Perhaps because of the level of responsabilities you assume around here. It just seems that if you want your pms to have any value and be respected accordingly, you should stop breaking the rules yourself. Stop posting your sarcasm and violins and please stop labelling any of us as “village idiot.” I would respect this site, its rules and you a lot more if you layed off the dough a bit. Your post is the like that starts flames. Had you not posted your sarcasm and labelled bob an idiot right here, perhaps he would have some reasons to respect your pms. Not to mention that he can’t flounder or better delete your post if he disagrees with it. It’s not fair play. Although I doubt you will, I guess you can flouder this reply too or better, just delete it.

To the audience: This may be a very uninformed post as I haven’t read many threads about moderators and administrators. Just my opinions based on my knowledge, my common sense and observations. In the true spirit of Forumosa.