Visa extension/Change from visa exempt to work visa

I am Thomas from Germany staying in Taiwan with my Taiwanese Friend. My visa(visa-exempt) is running out on 14th April. I plan to do visa run in order to stay in Taiwan longer. However, taking flight to any country nearby is dangerous because of the virus. I went to Bureau of Consular Affairs and I was told that I can’t extend the visa unless I change to work visa. I also would love to find a job (chef or English teacher or anything)here but I can only speak a little of Mandarin.

Is anyone in the similar situation like me? Or anyone can give me some suggestions?

Appreciate if there is anybody who can help me out!

Here is how to get a resident visa for white collar jobs.

Resident Visas for White Collar Workers

Here are what kind of jobs can support your visa, and the requirements you should meet to get a work permit.

Unless you have another passport from a country recognized by taiwan that English is their official language, you cannot get a work permit to teach English.

Some threads on chef jobs are in this forum. This may be the latest one.