Wack things in China

What was the principal thinking?


The principal wanted kids to know pole dancing is one of the many possible occupations in life if you are not good at school.



Love the reference to Chiayi County at the end of the SCMP article. Taiwan: the place where traditional Chinese culture (well, at least back to early Qing dynasty) is alive and well!


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“The Chiayi County Council speaker “enjoyed a buzz” so the funeral was designed to give him “a happy departure”, his son said, according to reports.”

A whole new type of happy ending.

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“I want to hire a la mei, but nobody’s died, the wei ya is a way’s off, and…wait, the kindergarten commencement!”

Friend of mine wrote
Admiral Zheng He totally discovered 西蘭地亞 in the 12th century during his voyage around the South South China Sea and Beijing can prove that with an ancient map recently found. When the ink is dry they’ll show it you and the irrefutable fact that this island belongs to the great Chinese nation will be epically irrefutable!


Interesting article this morning in the WSJ. Garbage in, garbage out, surveillance and social credit. When are the Chinese people going to say enough is enough and overthrow those jokers?

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Yes, getting people to sort their trash is definitely the last straw. Oh the humanity!

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Plastic or metal?


but that would ruin their credit score, so no overthrowing will be done. see, the govt has thought this through.


Yes, all recyclables will be thrown directly into the bins.

Now - at a time when Peter Navarro said that trade talks are going “great” - Beijing is moving ahead with an unexpected escalation: China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said in a statement that Beijing intends to impose sanctions on American companies selling arms to Taiwan.

That list likely includes most of the major American defense contractors, particularly General Dynamics , the maker of the Abrams tank, and Raytheon, maker of the Stinger missile - two of the armaments being purchased by Taiwan.

But what about the ones selling legs?

The main issue is that the arms and legs are in fridges though, which is an abomination for all conscientious recycler’s, like me-shelf

Listen sunshine, I am the punmeister here . will have to grab your lapels and slap your face :yum: Quite good though…I will give you that :wink:

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You missed the bit in my pocket novel where Brian O’Nolan called gods blessing on the arms of the republic and then forced poor Enricos red hand into the fridge. :sob:

Or did I ?:wink:

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I only play the fool . I play the part very well though :yum:

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