Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Me, too. Hell, for me it’s ten minutes of all-out war with autocorrect to keep ‘teh’.

That said, it doe snot take away an atom of my appreciation for Auntie Peng. :grin:


Night markets have shops of every type imaginable and restaurants and shops serve beer, but I can’t think of one night market in Taipei that has just a dedicated bar serving beer inside the market.


Foreigners getting haircuts in night market side street barber shops that never have any other customers.

I go past this living room barber shop almost daily for a couple years and I’ve never seen a customer in that barber shop until tonight.

I saw you :haircut_man:


are they even cheaper than the 100$ jit shops? i do quite like those, though the outcome can come as a surprise…


Well, the ones around my home, inside the traditional market, are awesome. One has a warm massage chair. they give you tea. A massage. I know for women it is about 150 nt for a wash and maybe 300 ntd for a haircut. Guys must be a lot cheaper. I see my male neighbors getting shaves, , trims, hair wash, nail clipping, all kinds of service. Most importantly, you get a sizeable serving of neighborhood gossip.

Personally, I go to the police station. Pity they have separate areas for ladies and men, though.


This is from last month, but hey, it can happen any frickn day of the year. Was taking the bus from Taipei to Jingmei. The bus takes the elevated expressway along the river. Half way along the river section (it was dark outside early evening) suddenly sounds of explosions on the right-hand side just outside the window, bam, bam, colorful too… So some guys (girls ain’t that stupid I suppose) were having fun shooting fireworks rockets up in the riverside park just below the expressway, so that the explosions were just at bus level. In the West that would have certainly been done on purpose, but here I think the guys just didn’t think as far as there could be any problem like some serious accident on that expressway.


Any want some laminated cookies that are providing rich egg flavour or Native Taiwan flavor? I laugh about someone designing the bag for a popular product but too cheap to spring for proofreading.


I marvel at that all the time. I’m sure this lighted restaurant sign not far from my house wasn’t cheap.


fify :howyoudoin:


This is not whack ( I guess it’s not ), but I always wanted to know why.

Why do some people who park their cars in alleys protect their tires like that?


They are trying to prevent having their tires cut. It has happened to many people I know. Park on a street, someone gets upset because you parked where they normally park, and when you come back to your car you need to replace your tire.


And the people with the knives, screwdrivers etc. can’t lift this flimsy protection because…?

I get the feeling, it is indeed a wacky thing. :slight_smile:


Gongguan has.


Real answer…Stop dogs peeing on them.


Thought about that possibility, but really? Wheels are dirty anyway. Could be to conceal particularly fancy rims? But then, that’s a blue truck there in the pic.


But what if…?


I have had people scream at us when the dog pees as it it was sulphur.


Maybe dog urine is bad for tire rubber?


There’s plenty of ammonia so I imagine it might be.


How much pee would the dog have to pee? How many dogs?

In this weather?