Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



I have seen some old/homeless looking guys pee on the sidewalk next to the school I work at.

Seems like a pit stop of some sort for them to empty their bladder.


Gross. Someone should spray them with a water hose.


Disclaimer:This video in no way implies that anyone in Taiwan , talks with their mouth full, or in a ridiculously loud way , whilst on the phone.


Students in school uniform studying inside a coffee shop on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

I guess this is also good whack.


They have to go to cram school all Saturday afternoon and evening. Then homework and study all Sunday. In order to get a high score on their tests so they can go to one of the universities that matter and hope for 30k offer…get 22k.


This makes me sad :anguished:


Imagine how it makes them feel. :sunglasses:


(Picture taken from my dash cam)

This guy was in front of me this morning. His trunk was open, he was flying down the road at least 20Km/h over the posted limit, papers and junk falling out of the rear of his car. His trunk was not too full to close.

At a red light, I honked my horn a few times to get his attention, but to no avail.


Sitting in a coffee shop with great park view, and PULLING DOWN THE SHADES.


Noticing that both you and your colleague have trash in your bag because you haven’t been able to find a trash can for 2 days.


I see an umbrella out there…I assume there’s a table out there.

Go outside.

Problem solved.


Also, I’m not too jaded to enjoy the view out of the window seat until the plane has risen above the clouds. In my experience, Taiwanese passengers seem to yank the shade down as soon as possible and go right to sleep.

Flying isn’t quite the same as riding mass transportation in Taiwan. View’s much better, at least for a while. Live a little, folks.


Ask any Taiwanese and they will tell you the sun is bad.

Who taught them that… I dunno, but I feel like a prisooner in thsi bunker, because I face a wall and all teh windows have heavy curtains. The sun will make an entrance through a slit in the drapes between 2 and 3, hitting me right in teh eyes. But it i sad knowing there is so much sunshine spilling out there and none here.


Worse. Imagine being a self aware thinking kid and trying to tell your parents that no, it is not necessary for them to sell a kydney to have enough money to pay famous professor XYZ who teaches a crowd of 300 through a megaphone in order for Their Precious Baby to go to Taida. he doe snot want to go to Taida. As a matter opf fact, he does not know what he wants, but he certainly knows that going to Taida for a payout of 22k is not going to make him happy.

My boss’ daughter went to the top school. Graduated honors in Taida. Took her over 6 months to find thsi job where she is grinding away 12 hours a day. Salary is OKish, I am actually impressed. But she seems set on getting a masters in the uS -that is what she is suppose dto do- and so every penny goes towards that dream Ivy League education. My question is: and then? What for?


They get out of school still not knowing how to be a part of society with interests other than Facebook, Instagram, LINE and food.


Like, she got into piano playing. Is it because she likes it? No, because if you take so and so tests, and score this and this, it looks good on your resume. How can they make music painful!?

I’d rather learn macrame.


Along with the aversion to sun (this applies to Han people in Taiwan, less clearly to other folks), I’ve noticed that some of my fellow Taiwanese travellers on planes don’t seem to, well, notice what’s in front of them.

Over the winter break, I was fortunate to find myself near the front of a Japan Airlines flight bound for Tokyo. The traveller next to me stumbled on, yanked down the window shade (as per @bojack’s observation), yanked up the video monitor, and stared at what seemed to be a mindless action flick while absentmindedly shovelling back what I considered to be some pretty damn fine Japanese food.

If some of our Taiwanese friends are reading this: pay attention to what’s in front of you, appreciate the beautiful, enjoy the fine things in life. You might like it!



I find it funny that the “e” and “h” are in th wrong place on keyboards in Taiwan. Hehe , joking Icon . After reading for teh last 7 years, I’m warming to it .:kissing_heart:


I’ve probably told this story before here: I was scootering on the late lamented Southern Cross-Island Highway, and I’d stopped at one viewpoint for photos - wow that road was spectacular. And a tour bus went by, window shades all down, blocking out that incredible view; only face looking out was a little kid, and he was staring at me, not the view.


This is the most serious part, and the inability to really think. But otherwise for many a job is just a job. If you treat it like the transaction it is, then investing in a more advanced education makes sense because it often makes this transaction more valuable to you.