Wack Things in Taiwan 2018





Ha ha. Thanks for the heads-up.


Are they turkey nuggets?


An alternative no one can resist

Trust me, I had it last year

If all fails:


In this small town, the traffic lights in the intersections in the main street don’t run at night, just flash orange.
Last night I was walking down it and heard a girl scream. Looked up and saw there was a near collision between a scooter and a car.
About 10 seconds later a car came hurtling down the street at I reckon at least 70km/h doing nothing but a warning honk at the intersection


Looks like turkey patties. Looks bad.



“A solar developer in Yunlin County last month allegedly dumped nearly 800 waste solar panels in Changhua County, sparking public concern about the disposal of waste panels.”

“Solar panels are 60 to 90 percent glass, 10 to 15 percent aluminum and 3 percent silicon — which is in the battery — while the rest is made from zinc, silver, copper and lead”

The company just throws out a lot of money?


Don’t know where else to post something mildly interesting.


The CIB building (Criminal Investigation Bureau) and shield is about as popular here as the Scotland Yard and FBI. People take lots of pictures and selfies of it.


The fried rice was pretty tasty but the proprietor seems like a right prick… do I go back or not?


How tasty? How much of a prick?



Well it’s 70ntd and I felt pretty satisfied afterwards
She looks like she hasn’t smiled in years and sounded angry when asking me how many I wanted but perhaps that’s from doing the same thing every day for years


At that price I’d go back.

Never let other peoples’ attitudes get in the way of good fried rice!



Whipping up some healthy clean breakfast on the tray counter people walk past all day long. Damn that is dirty where people set their trays and their backpacks and their bags and scooter helmets and everything else.


Come on man, this is just a way to help build up our immune systems!

At least that old guy looks like he’s preparing food from scratch.



Just adding that local flavour that people remember from their childhood.


You mean from eating their boogers?


They say they leave their pinky nail long for good fortune. But I am almost certain it is for an optimized technique of boogers collection.


Well that, yes. And kitchen cleanliness isn’t high on the priority lists of most amas. At least from my experience.