Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



I believe it’s stamped with a born-on date (date canned) and pulled off the the shelf 19 days later.

I’ve never had a can that didn’t taste fresher than most other canned beers, although obviously not as fresh as beer pulled straight from the finishing tank. I couldn’t care less if it’s actually 21 or 25 days “old” as long as it tastes fresh(er); so far so good.


I tried to tell the owner of a liquor store that the 18 days was just a gimmick- that it will last much longer and taste just as good. But I’m not sure I convinced him. He told me that he only sells the stuff in the summer months. This was before the cans and when 18 days was sold only in the big bottles.


Yeah, the “draught in a can” thing is all marketing BS
As for the 18 Days, it’s probably one of these deals:

In some countries such as Japan, the term “draft” applied to canned or bottled beer indicates that the beer is not pasteurized (though it may be filtered), giving it a fresher taste but shorter shelf life than conventional packaged beers.


The freshness must be just the different beer, not anything to do with 18 days. Like the Carlsberg being sold at Chuan Lien. Just a very fresh tasting lager. In cans and I’m sure sitting on the shelf way past 18 days.


Huh. Maybe there’s something to this, after all.

Many commercial canned and bottled beers are pasteurized in the same way as any other product is pasteurized. The cans and bottles are run through a hot water spray that’s around 140 degrees to kill any bacteria and stop any yeast still in the beer from growing.

Unpasteurized beers skip that step. To keep the untreated beers fresh, they need to be continuously chilled and consumed as close to the production date as possible.



Normal lager in cans or bottled up to 18 months, properly stored. Bottled has a disadvantage if exposed to UV light, B vitamins will change into a sewer taste.


Jeez Louise, I hate them stupid shotgun contact lenses the young girls wear. Not only are they creepy AF, they always make the girl look half stunned, like she just took a 2X4 to the back of the head.


I consider them a mating call.


Two weeks ago I was on Xiao Liu Qiu and ordered some deep fried prawns… they were sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. Tonight I ate at a restaurant and ordered a side dish of Chinese cabbage. On top of the mayonnaise dressing…they had sprinkled hundreds and thousands.

This is not normal.


I had to look up what that was; I’d always heard that referred to as sprinkles. But yeah, it’s weird when they’re sprinkled on savory dishes.


Alternative ?


The butterfly shrimp (prawns? really?) with sweet mayo and jimmies is a standard in Taiwanese family restaurants


Today, LaoBan in ice cream store to me:

It’s cold outside. Kids shouldn’t eat ice cream on cold days.

…right, so how’s business?


Completely normal!


This is a wacky job posting on FB:
JOB Oportunity : foreigner company ,
target market : Taipei, women age +40
job for : Taiwanese or writing Chinese
must speak english

Job field: Social Media marketing
Currently on offer: 1 positions
[Company prefers: 1 male or 1 female] that have passion for fancy brand , love challenge , love target , open mind

must have experience

#can be part time , flexible hour

#Taipei branch office xiny area

How to AppY : pm me on private


Target market 40+ women?


Looks shady to me. Any time a job advertisement says you need to have an open mind…


But I have passion for fancy brand.


Some pretty fancy brands right 'thar


Can I get some eternal life at a discount in my size and something that matches my eyes?

Can I pay for it now and pick it up later?