Wack Things In Taiwan 2021

Interesting because I didn’t see any media people there until the body was removed. I suppose they think that it generates more clicks.

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I guess sometimes the wheels on the cart don’t always click properly and the whole cart could end up sliding downhill. In a Carrefour in Kaoshung someone was standing right in front of the cart dealing with customer service and got hit by a cart that came crashing down. What I mean is don’t stand in line of it in case that happens.

If you’re not too heavy, you could ride standing on the handrail. No way the cart is going to hit you there.


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Think it’s more up to Carrefour to rethink their layout. 驚悚影片曝!「家樂福推車」高速暴衝撞擊 他痛到趴倒櫃台 | ETtoday社會新聞 | ETtoday新聞雲

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What I ordered:

The microwaved shit I was served:


Taiwan pasta = avoid.


I thought I would have better luck in Tianmu. I took one bite and then just left. I probably could have finished it but I wanted them to know I thought it was awful.

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That’s usually what I do rather than have a talk…

Possibly could be expecting a little much from a plastic laminated sign.

Was there also a nice silver fork and nice background vibe?

I look for the details in the pictures to see if everything matches the location.

Its not a silver fork type restaurant but it’s not a whole in the wall place either. Mary’s Hamburger in Tianmu.

How much was the food? If it’s 90nt, then you got a good deal.

If it’s 300 or more, Yea I’d have issues.


It says on the picture.


This guy fell fifteen floors, blood spraying everywhere.but they got his heart and breathing started again :no_mouth:. I doubt he made it afterwards.

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Yea honestly it’s appropriate for the price, though the picture is a bit misleading. But McDonald’s do this too. However I don’t know the taste, like was it bad?

Perhaps enough time for organ donation? Or, would that concept be wack to Taiwanese?

Not much taste at all.

I find many food in Taiwan needs way more salt. And they never provide salt shakers.

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What’s the purpose of snow chains on a non-traction wheel?

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Just as police were preparing to arrest Peng, he surrendered himself at a police station in Taichung at noon that same day. He then turned in a modified assault rifle, two magazines, and over a dozen rounds of ammunition.

During questioning with police, he confessed that he had fired at an employee of the pawnshop out of rage over a previous incident. Peng claimed he had engaged in a dispute with the man at a KTV three years ago.

He claimed that he had later met with the other party in the dispute in a parking lot to negotiate, but he alleges that the man assaulted him with a club, injured his hands, and fractured his right leg. He said that he was dissatisfied with the court verdict issued Nov. 25 last year and had never received an apology or compensation from his assailant, reported ETtoday.

The pain from his old injuries has allegedly intensified during the recent cold spell. After learning that the man was headed to the pawnshop, he decided to drive over to vent his anger.

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry, or both.

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