Wack Things In Taiwan 2021

When they say modified is it modified from a replica gun ?

Modified to auto fire.

Seems like this guy would be a Qanon or proud boy if he was in the USA.

But is it an original Colt?

Who knows.

I always thought in Taiwan when they said modified they mean modified from replica guns.

As possessing semi auto only rifles is no different than possessing full auto rifles, they are both illegal. So it would make no sense that someone would go through black market channels just to get a semi auto rifle.

Some of the parts of replica guns I see here look very realistic, or could be made to shoot real rounds. But even if you had a real gun here getting ammo has to be much harder as you’d have to go through black market channels for it.

And besides if you are going to go through black market channels they’d just be stolen weapons from the military. Makes no sense for them to be semi auto only.

Have a look here:

This lower part kit, lower receiver, etc. looks completely functional. As in if you took this to America (it would be illegal as hell, as this lower receiver especially with auto sear hole drilled is not only a firearm, but an illegal machine gun too) and bolted on any AR15 upper receiver with M16 bolt carrier groups, it will fire, and it will fire full auto if the selector is positioned right!

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I believe they are mostly modified from replica guns and air guns.
Some guns are imported from the Philippines and those guns are working copies of American guns.

The lower receiver has the Colt markings in the right places. Looks good to me.

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Don’t know anything about ammunition/guns but reminded me of this article of attempted smuggling of ammunition from Cyprus

“More than 80 percent of schools breach Ministry of Education regulations and do not allow students to wear winter clothing …”


‘The New Taipei District Court has ruled that the son of a woman who committed suicide must pay NT$2 million (US$70,225) compensation to a landlord in a legal dispute over xiongzhai (凶宅), or a home that becomes stigmatized because of the belief that the ghost of a deceased person haunts it.’




It’s wack that the Taiwan police are using sanitary pads in their boots instead of thermal socks, even more wack that Taiwannews translates them as “Tampons” that they put in the bottom of their boots to keep warm…



I saw this on the news and I was like poor cops… but resourceful.

As to whoever wrote that article, don’t they have women in their staff?! Or a girlfriend?!

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Remember the llamas? Well, cops were called because there was a llama at a disco in Taichung. If it had been a performance, it would have been illegal because animal protection laws. But poor trembling llama was there with its owner.

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My wife just told me if we potty train our daughter too early she will get a bad personality :upside_down_face: The worst part? She claims it is not a cultural belief, but instead she learnt it at university when studying early child care :rofl:



TIL that most Taiwanese people were potty trained early.


What she actually said was

“If we potty train too early then she will have a bad personality like you”


If my wife had said that, I’d probably respond, “If we potty train too late she will end up like you and marry a man with a bad personality like me.”


… and we’ll spend a fortune on diapers!