Wack Things in Taiwan 2022

Risk of what is the question. Increased risk of catching it? OK. Miniscule increased risk to the health of the 70+ year old? OK. Any other significant risk? No.

You take care, and remember that irrational fear leads to stress that can create health problems. Keep grinning, that’s been proven to help reduce stress.


We’ve been through this debate before. I am not afraid, just as I am not afraid when I stop at red lights or let trucks pass. But thank you for your concern.


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It’s not about you. Unless you were in the classroom.

You replied to me and said “You take care.” Even if your “You” was intended to be plural, it was in direct reply to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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It was for you.

I don’t know if it’s irony or coincidence, but the open doors/windows class has had 2-3 students at home with the sniffles the past two weeks. The class right next door with kids in the same grade have windows/doors closed and not one kid missing a day. Probably coincidence.


Soon we’ll have robot strippers.



Nothing-to-hide-guy (aka naked-guy) taking a dump.

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If anything, “wack” is taking a photo of someone else taking a dump!


I was taking a photo of the view from my living room’s window. He just happened to be there, doing his business as usual.




Maybe he thinks the window has reflective glass.

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At least his arm wasn’t moving up and down suspiciously

Sounds believable. Especially with that view.

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Hiked the “quiet” trail on Thursday. Nice hike, nice scenery. Very quiet…when no one is around. However, during 2 hour hike only about 15 minutes without the sound of hikers yakking very loudly. My wife tried to remind groups to be more quiet. One group was so loud that they did not even hear my wife reminding this was a “quiet trail” as they passed by.

So if you visit the trail go very early…or just understand will not be that quiet.

Taiwan unveils world’s first ‘certified quiet trail’ | CNN Travel


Or a shitter in front of wall of windows. Who designed that place? A Japanese Manga perv?

Like the quiet carriages on the HSR. A complete waste of time.

Never seen a quiet carriage on the HSR, which ones are supposed to be quiet?