WCIF a lawyer who would deal with Death Threats, Livestreaming, Commercial Liens etc?

You can simply file a police report for the death threats. The loan it’s pointless to go after.


Yeah, it’s odd to conflate those two things. I know next to nothing about Taiwan’s legal system, but one looks like criminal charges and the other like a small-claims civil suit to me. They don’t go together.

Execution, not torture…if it makes a difference. :sweat_smile:


I’m curious to know who they make sense to and why. They don’t appear to make sense to Google.

I believe a guillotine was invented by a french doctor to make executions quick and relatively painless. Before that it was axe or swords, and they had to bribe the executioner to chop their head off in one swing. Otherwise it took several swings.

Maybe he was going to bounce it on my neck a little.

Think laterally, Milker.

He explicitly wrote execution.

Commercial liens are one option.

I’ll take it slow, and sure… and get advice from a qualified legal professional. I have two to email this afternoon.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I started this thread so I wouldn’t let the issue slide.

He did?

Cheers for pointing that out.

Google translate says he said torture, but I defer to your knowledge.

Never trust Google translate…it’s garbage.

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I doubt his homemade/Costco guillotine set will make a clean job of things — lots of edifying torture for the foreign barbarian before he dies (what I don’t understand is why this guy, doesn’t take more pride in Chinese torture techniques: what’s wrong with “Desth by a Thousand Cuts?

I have to say its about 80% accurate for single words at my lower intermediate level. But serious stuff like this… sure. It needs a human.

Anyway, now I know its an explicit death threat.

Got to email Saul of Nangang.

Apparently the opium wars are my fault too.

And why did he say “watching the guillotine”? Instead of “using”… Was he planning to operate the apparatus himself, or hire a student to help him?

I have literally thousands of these emails, not hundreds. I will probably compile them into a coffee table book one day.

I lent him a classical guitar last summer. I told him clearly I wanted it back one day. When I asked for it back this spring; more fireworks and bizarre histrionics. It took four hundred mail/messages to finally get it in my hands. Four hundred, no exaggeration.

So… clearly, the guy has a lesson coming. He must have done this to a string of people. He is kind of a smooth-talking pariah, so to speak.

If I go the lien route, I need a lawyer-shark who can handle perfecting the lien, serving it, and debt collection. Obviously the damages for death threats are the most important part. The 3,000TWD is next to irrelevant.

If liens are not viable, I can think about the courts. I know he’ll crumble face-to-face with a judge.

Right, gonna email Marco’s lawyer, and the other firm in Nangang now.

So Im going to do this, but not make a huge deal over it. Like, keep light and calm throughout, and not let it eat up all of my time.

This thread has really helped me focus.

Just fired off an email to Kuo and Kuo. That’s a cool name. I wonder if they’re from Hong Kong. I need a real Asian-Boss Shark here. I worry Taiwanese people might be too nice. ha!

If you chat to him, the subject title is:

“Query letter for Commercial lien, and Death threats.”

This is an interesting development. Thanks for the recommendation.

They’re Taiwanese Canadians. It’s a relatively recent spinoff from another established firm whose names escape me right now.

He’ll do what you need him to do. He’ll also advise as well, but you end up making the final decision.

Just tell him Marco from the forums sent me here.

Awesome. Canadians. I normally get on with Canadians. You can PM me the name of the mother-firm if you like. Small spinoff companies can give excellent service. Our company in TW has about 50 to 100 staff, and we treat customers well. Much better than some huge corporation.

I definitely need some advice.

I was going to mention your name, but not til I got permission.

Could you just block his email and forget about this? Trying to teach people lessons rarely works out in the end.

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I did this on and off for a year.

No, I won’t let it go.

I don’t care so much about “teaching anyone a lesson”, so much as monetary damages. The life lesson is peripheral.

He has done things like this to many people, for decades. He used to have near total legal impunity. He doesn’t have that any more.

It doesn’t make the world a better place to let bullies and liars walk all over people. He could be doing this to multiple people right now.

So, no… I won’t let any of it get to me emotionally. But he’s going to have to pay cash, if the lawyers can help me get it.


Taiwan is full of assholes like this because most people just don’t stand up for themselves.

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If I was a judge or prosecutor I would dismiss this case, but this is Taiwan. You may get it settled for 100K NTD in damages or even more. Good luck!

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