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So I’m lactose intolerant so I drink mostly soy milk and almond milk. I usually get Almond milk from RT mart and costco in bulk but they both stop selling it. I asked and it seems Silk stopped distributing to them. I’m guessing maybe poor sales number when most people here drink soy or regular milk. Maybe jason’s? I haven’t tried there yet. Carrefour doesnt have them either.

Maybe it’s time for plan B


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Maybe give City Super or Jason’s a try. If you don’t mind the sweetened ones, 7-11 used to sell ‘single serving’ cartons for like 30nt a couple of years ago, just too sweet for my taste also probably not all natural ingredients. I think they still have it.

You could also give goat milk a try. It has lactose (less than cow’s milk) but I have a friend who is lactose intolerant but goat milk is not a problem. Also it has more calcium and easier to digest than cow’s milk. Tastes weird for about the first 7 days. Now I actually enjoy the taste. Of course you need home delivery service for goat’s milk.

Philips electronics makes a bean and nut milk machine that is essentially one button you need to push, but you do need to soak them and it takes about 30-40 mins. I use it exclusively for soy milk and add a little honey as a sweetener.

No time to find sources, but the probability for your almond milk to contain neither almond nor milk in Taiwan is close to 99%… Never mind, there is sugar / fructose / aspartame / C something / E something inside. As long as it is ok for your intolerance, let it be.
Shoud I post or should I go?

Happened to be in City Super today and no almond milk there…

I wonder what ever happened to those class action lawsuits against Silk about the almond content…

And to give it the ‘typical’ almond flavor they add apricot kernels (pits). At least they look like almonds.
Buy a blender and a cheesecloth, almonds … soak overnight, blend and strain, hopala, almond milk.

i think theres a difference between nut milk and the ‘almond tea’ that you find here in the night markets and 7-11. they taste totally different anyway. the taiwan one tastes like marzipan!

I personally do not like drinking milk from animals period, It’s just a weird concept in my head.

I might make it myself occasionally but it seems like too much trouble to make it all myself all the time.

Today the Beitou Costco (closest to Guandu Station) had Blue Diamond brand almond milk in stock, in the icy section with dairy items.

NT$149 for 1.89L.

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Costco, and surprisingly the Tuntex Mart located in Keelung also stocks it.

I was at the one in neihu and they said they didn’t stock them anymore. Maybe beitou is different. I’ll give them a call. Thanks

Just bought some in Beitou this evening… look in the cold freezer section in the dairy room.

Zhongli had some still last week. Wish they’d bring back the chocolate!

Jason’s has almond flavored rice milk in the organic section. No weird stuff, no carrageenan -like Costo’s Blue Diamond stuff. Very tempting for the lactose intolerant. 200 ntd a carton.

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7-Eleven still has the single carton sweetened almond milk.

It works well with cereal. Usually I will use 1/2 almond milk and 1/2 water so it’s not too sweet. One carton is worth 4-5 bowls of cereal.

I made my own almond milk yesterday. Although it was good, it was extremely time consuming for how much almond milk I actually get out of it.

Huh? where else does milk come from? As it’s intended to be drunk, neither the teat now the milk has a problem with it.

Anyway, you will find it next to the sour cream, as usual. Old Taiwanease joke.

In the tianmu Carrefour, I saw almond breeze brand almond milk. 1.89L / .5 gallon for 149ntd


Easy to make my own. Large costco bags of almonds ***. Soak overnight. Blend with water and whatever, according to taste. I was making 2L per batch, enough for a couple of days.

The only hard part was remembering to soak them overnight.

*** not using the whole bag per 2L, if that’s not obvious