WCIF Dr. Pepper?

I remember there was a thread about where to get Dr. Pepper. Couldn’t find that thread though.
Anyhow, Dr. Pepper can be found at Jason’s supermarket @ Taipei 101, same shelf where all the other canned drinks are located.
Note however that it seems to sell out rather quickly, went in on Sunday afternoon to look around and a few hours later, when I did some shopping, none was left. :frowning:

If you can’t find it ask the staff for “Dr. Paper”. Well, that’s how they label it at least … :smiley:

Gah, Dr Pepper. And Americans think my lot are insane for liking Vegemite…

Can get Dr. Pepper for 100NT/can at a local bar called Rodeo’s in Taoyuan and in Nankan. Is it worth it? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

They’ve got tons of it at the supermarket at Mitsukoshi near 101. Not too pricey. And, for the record, I love both Dr. Pepper and Marmite (and have been known to indulge in Vegemite as well.)

Dr. Pepper at Jason’s for NTD35 if I recall correctly.

Mami or Nitti’s, or maybe both has Dr Pepper, for you Shida-ites


Now I know why everyone likes TPE so much…Cheap Dr. Pepper!

Oh yeah, and Alleycat’s pizza :wink:

[quote=“Steeevieboy”]Now I know why everyone likes TPE so much…Cheap Dr. Pepper!
Oh yeah, and Alleycat’s pizza :wink:[/quote]
I hate Dr. Pepper…always have… :blush:

I can confirm that Mami store has Dr Pepper for 32NT a can.

They also have some other stuff that people were asking about a while ago, like lemongrass, chickpeas, and black twist licorice (twizzlers).

Mami Sotre is great for baking goods and some other hard-to-find foodstuffs. It has been discussed in other threads, but here’s the contact details again.

No.6, L.117, Shida Rd, Taipei. Phone 23699868 (the male boss speaks fair English, and knows the English names of most of his products, so you could call and see if they have what you want).


Dr. Pepper, so misunderstood. If everyone would try it, they’d know you taste good.

Wellman’s has A&W Rootbeer.

Dr. Pepper spotted at Breeze Center today for NTD35 a can.

Any updates on where to find this, or (especially) the contact info for the importer? Thanks!

If it’s not at Jason’s, try Plaza in NY,NY or at 2F Main Station.

If it’s not at Jason’s, try Plaza in NY,NY or at 2F Main Station.[/quote]

I am missing my Dr Pepper too.

it used to be at:

The Diner
JB Burger
City Super

now it is at none of the above places, its GONE, and I am very sad.

If anyone locates a can please help a cracker out.


What I’d really like to see is some RC Cola.

That godawful sarsperilla canned soda stuff tastes just like Dr. Pepper – I’ve been subjected to both. You can get it pretty much everywhere. It’s just fizzy pop.

What about the Philippino stores?
I know they had Mountain Dew and A&W Root Beer.
Thought they had Dr. Pepper as well?

Pinoy stores sell Mountain Dew and Mug Root Beer, A&W root beer is sold by someone else.

I’m contacting Dr. Pepper now and see what they say for a local importer.

You do know that they went bust and closed all their outlets, right?

CitySuper used to have Dr Pepper, but I haven’t really looked for it so…

Family Mart has it sometimes.