WCIF hostess bar or similar catering to lesbian girls?

Where to find a hostess bar or similar (KTV?) that is catering to lesbian/bi girls? Basically, where a girl that likes girls can go and oogle pretty girls, maybe get some attention? Any kind of topless service would be a huge plus.

For guys there are tons, in Linsen Bei Lu and elsewhere. The closest I know is the nice “Queen Lounge”, which has (cute) T girl hostesses catering to female customers. But I’m wondering about places that have mixed or p-girl hostesses. And allow guys.

Interesting question. Are you soure Lisen Bei Lu definitely cannot cater to girl customers?

What is a p-girl? Prostitute girl?

Some will. Some want at least one guy.
Depends on the entertainer after entering the room. Money talks. Lesbians also work as entertainers for men and would be happy to accompany a girl.

Or so I’ve heard.

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P describes a lesbian who dresses and styles herself in a girly way, aka a lipstick lesbian.

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Thanks, exactly. Also called po.

I’m admittedly not particularly clued up on homosexual slang, but I have never heard that before. Is it a Chinese thing?


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T-girls catering for female customers? There Taiwanese lesbians or whatever who like T-girls?
Usually, T-girls as most know, are something men are drawn to. Most T-girls prefer males to females.
But, money is money…

Is there a list of lesbian bars? I know about 4 around Taipei without even thinking about it.

Yeah it’s different from the English terminology. P for femmes, T for butch girls.

I think you might have misunderstood this; T stands for tomboy and not trans girls.

Po referring to 婆, so it’s kinda like “wifey,” if anyone’s wondering. I think it’s cute slang.


There is a rather old post on Forumosa here: Lesbian Hang-outs in Taipei?

If you have any good hints, for example your 4 bars, let’s add them to that post :slight_smile:

Apart from that, I usually referred to these articles and posts:

I’ve brought a bi friend to a hostess bar (I’m male) and there was absolutely no problem… though it wasn’t one of the sleezier types with lap dances. Was sort of fun…

Also not sure about “take out” since my friend wasn’t interested, but I guess that this would be a little more challenging/hostess-specific

What do you mean by hostess bar? A regular bar with bi girls just hanging around?

Or maybe a KTV with separate areas or rooms where your bi friend could select girls to come to her table or private room?

Were the hostess girls dressed up for the activity? Or did they just come as they are?

KTV with private rooms and select from a lineup. It was a “non uniform” place so they chose their own clothes


I wonder if the bi-KTV line up girls are in dresses, dressed butch or both.

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