WCIF Mars bars

Recently i noticed that taiwan only sells snickers, and not mars. In my mind mars is the more palatable basic version of a snickers, so it was mind blowing to discover they don’t sell them here. Took me 5 yrs to notice this…

After doing some research i have made further discoveries. In the states, the equivalent of a mars bar is known as a milky way. which is weird, cus in england a milky way is pretty rubbish. Definitely a low tier chocolate bar.

So where can i find either a mars bar or american milky way? either one will do!

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Snickers bars here are just total chocolate market domination, every convenience store and supermarket have them available. Quite a marketing feat really.

Sorry I can’t help with your search, I’m sure Mars bars will be available at some horrendous premium somewhere.

what? Snickers are infinitely better than Mars bars.

Incidentally, the Mars protein protein powder is super cheap here and among the most expensive elsewhere.

Tastes great too.

All about the peanuts, makes it a healthy snack! :popcorn:

I don’t agree that Snickers and Mars are similar, but I do agree Mars is much better. Snickers texture kinda sucks with all those damn dry peanuts gunking up the works.

Anyway, to your question my local Jason’s had them recently in huge bags of bite-size versions. Like what you’d buy for a Halloween party. So try Jason’s.

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but a snickers is just a mars with peanuts!

i like both mars and snickers, but i think mars is more acceptable for most as some people are picky about nuts…

Almond Snickers is okay, I suppose. Can’t stand OG peanuts Snickers though.

Yes, Mars is missed here. I also miss Cadbury bars, like Wispa, Crunchie, etc.


Not speaking about allergies. If you like it crunchy, Twix!



These are where it’s at. And black licorice, too. We need that here.




True, but mixing your own drinks is easier than making your own candy bar…

On MasterChef the professionals one guy did it. It was very time consuming.

Do they have the Snickers ice cream bar too? I could eat three boxes of that.


I love the regular bars but hate the ice cream ones. I’d rather have a regular ice cream sandwich or Luigi’s Italian Ice (lemon). Thai Town has a lemon ice that’s occasionally amazing and occasionally mediocre depending on the bar tender.

Interestingly, the American version of the Mars bar (discontinued) contained almonds…which, in my opinion, made it much better than Milky Way.

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That’s what I was thinking. Until know I never knew a “proper” Mars Bar was different

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Just call them and ask:

Mars Taiwan, China
15F., No.19-11, Sanchong Rd
Nangang District
Taipei City
Taiwan, China
2 6616 6666


In my humble opinion the Starbar was the superior bar, and if you put it in the fridge before eating, it had the ability to take out even the most stubborn of wisdom teeth.

Reading this thread makes me grateful that dental services are included in our national health coverage—at least for now… : P


I got few different types of Chocolates for my son and my brother start eating those till it was totally gone - 1 day bought 99% lindt and still there in my fridge :rofl:

This is just wrong, sorry. :roll_eyes:

I’ve never seen Mars bars here. You can buy them quite easily in some SEA countries like Malaysia and Thailand though, so maybe some imported ones are available. I do remember buying a few on Taobao during a homesick phase in my first year in China (they were apparently imported from Russia, judging from the writing, or perhaps just made to look that way when they were hand-crafted from gutter oil in some illegal factory in Hubei).

I was able to find a few sellers on Shopee:
Single bars: 馬來西亞Mars巧克力
Bulk purchase (only 20,644 TWD for 4 boxes of 48 bars, so 108 TWD each :sweat_smile: ): 【下單之前聯繫賣家】澳洲MARS瑪氏巧克力48塊*53g一箱

I often bring a few back from Malaysia whenever I go there (but they don’t last long). Even found creme eggs one time!