WCIF this refrigerator cord? Taoyuan

My rabbits decided to chew the cord. :sob::sob::sob: WCIF one or even advice on how to fix it. I know I can trim it and reconnect it where would I get that stuff??? Or the cord???

Who’s the refrigerator maker? They should have a repair service.

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It says LG. I see there is one in Taichung? Would they even come here? Sorry idk how this works.

Just call a handyman, he’ll make something up.

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Is the rabbit still alive?!

Unless (as mentioned) you can get one from the service centre, my suggestion would be to go to an electronics store and buy a terminal block and a little plastic box to put it in. The staff will be able to suggest something suitable. Just cut the damaged part out of the cable and use the terminal block to splice the ends together.

Unfortunately I have no idea where the electronics store would be in Taoyuan. Your best option might be to go to Taipei and then visit the stores near ZhongXiao Xinsheng MRT station.

EDIT:google maps suggests that these guys have retail sales:


The normal way of dealing with this sort of thing involves soldering, heatshrink tubing, and some PVC tape. But that’s probably not an option for you.


Call their local service center and explain your problem. They should explain what is necessary.

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What’s the fridge model number?

Also, @deepshelter, That power cable is removable, please unplug it and take more pics of the socket and plug.

I might have found one but I want to cross reference.


LG repair service isn’t bad in Taiwan. I’ve had them over for a refrigerator and washing machine…though they didn’t precisely solve either problem.

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Sorry it took so long to reply. I found a zhongrjbdjdkdkkdjd by my house and they repaired it for free. :sob::sob::sob::sob: Thank you guys for helping! I was seriously flipping out.

The rabbit that I think did it is fine. I have no idea how because that thing was sparking and they also took a bite out of the ground one too!



They need to come up with a better name. Nobody will remember that spelling.


If I ever lose my job, I’m going to go freelance as a zhongrjbdjdkdkkdjd. It’d look great on my business card.

I think rabbits aren’t smart enough to get their brains fried. When I was a kid our rabbits used to do this all the time too and always got away with it somehow.


I think the devil created them. The same rabbit is trying to get behind the fridge again!!!

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Do they have something else to chew? Maybe put some pieces of soft wood in their favourite places to distract them. Rabbits do need to gnaw on something all the time - something to do with the way their teeth grow, IIRC.

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That’s any wcif post I should make. They do have wood toys but not enough? Apparently since they keep chewing on cords. They also need something to climb on but I’ve yet to see one??

Did you rabbit stop when it was spayed?

Frankly: nothing worked. Our rabbits had the run of the garden but still made a beeline for the power cords if they were let inside the house. They did chew their chew-sticks, though. In retrospect, maybe we just didn’t give them enough.

Most nibbly animals have a death wish, IMO. Lacking predators they seem to go out of their way to top themselves.

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It’s going to be a long 10 years for me haha

My brother coated his wires in a rabbit repellent, and squirted a water pistol at them when they headed to the parts of to room they shouldn’t go.

The water got from me as I used it on my cats, just water and not a big super soaker. the idea is as a quick shock and they get conditioned to not like the area.

Did he make the repellent?

If you don’t want to be zhongrjbdjdkdkkdjd frequent customer, and want to save your cord from the rabbits, and your rabbits from the cord, it may worth to protect the cable. Get some specialized protector or just wrap it with the piece of steel mosquito net and zip ties, at least where they can reach it.


No he just got it online, but maybe you can use chilli or something they don’t like
sure there will be recipes for some home brew stuff on the internet.

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