We are so friendly

I keep hearing this from Taiwanese in class. Ah, we are so friendly to foreigners. I wonder, would you consider Americans or Brits to be unfriendly towards foreigners or maybe that question cant really hold as both countries have such an assortment of races who knows who is a “foreigner”? I havent noticed they are particularly more friendly comparing them to other nationalities. I keep wondering why they seem to promote themselves on that point. I mean Ive never come across any other nation tell me so often how friendly they are yet I havent found Taiwanese outstandingly so. True if you are lost they will tell you which way to go and they always seem polite and mild mannered.

It’s something they learned from the Japanese. Being extra polite is their way of saying fuck you :laughing: Well, not really. Maybe sort of. Could it really be the case? :ponder:

hahahahaha.I like it. I sometimes sense their friendliness is kinda well anyway, thanks for the reply.

They say that because they have been told that repeatedly by foreign visitors and travellers for a long time. It’s a damn positive thing to believe about yourself if only because it makes you try to act more toward the ideal.

Just one example: when this Belgium couple who have been travelling the world came to Taiwan after having already travelled in over 100 countries they, or at least the husband, told me in a private conversation that they really found the Taiwanese to be the most friendly people they had met in all their travels.

Lots of other reports, articles, blogs, etc express something similar. Why knock it? You’re entitled to your own opinions but sometimes you really should ask yourself, is it me who is not getting something, and not everyone else who is wrong?

Btw, try going to an emergency department at a major hospital here and not be impressed by how friendly people are even under major stress.

Open up a map on any street corner in Taipei and count to ten: there’ll be someone all over your case before you finish.

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They are friendly…to foreign looking tourists. They are also often scared of foreigners so its a bit of a weird combination.

It all depends on who you compare them to. Compare Taiwan to Hong Kong, and yes, Taiwan is filled with blissful self-sacrificing angels.

“Friendly” and “helpful” are two very different things. Getting assistance from a Taiwanese usually ends up being a complete waste of time.

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Tru dat.

The first day I got here, I went for a bike ride and got lost, this first girl I ask for my street address was wearing a surgical mask, and she never even blink as I was trying to get help from her, it was more an “are you done so I can go?” feel. I have only find that described friendliness on Vietnamese market, the police station and in Hong Kong but they were Indians trying to get me on their hostel… that came out wrong, I mean trying to get me to get a room with them… oh nevermind.

I think their friendliness here depends on your looks.

Yeah even if the local you are trying to get help from is you wife :noway:

Taiwan is far from being the friendliest country according to this study, ranked 78 out of 140. In fact, not one Asian country made the top ten; Thailand is at 13 and Singapore 16.

Maybe when they went for beef noodles the shop owner told them to please come in and have a seat, but it sounded like they were getting yelled at about something

This study lost all credibility for me when it ranked Austria among the friendliest countries. Total nonsense. I might have an issue with Iran being ranked among the lowest, too but that’s minor.

Like all these studies they do a survey in most of the English speaking and better known places and then throw the rest in randomly.

With all those numbers and charts, that study may come across as knowing something. But it is absurd.

I follow Michael man and bear. Taiwanese I meet / met are in general stereo-typical friendly.

I had to confirm with a yes when some local friend asked me " don’t you think that Caucasian foreigners are " spoiled" here in Taiwan".
The friendly syndrome goes hand in hand with giving face, showing kindness ,making sure the waiguoren is treated well.
Taxi- drivers switching the radio to ICRT, playing around with the airco making sure the ideal temperature is set, letting the foreigners getting out of the elevator before hords enter… Plenty of examples I encounter on any normal day here.

Friendliness is overrated. It’s better to to live in a place where people treat you how you DESERVE to be treated, based on your character, general behaviour and the way that you treat others. That’s real.

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Good point about being friendly to foreign looking tourists. Would they do the same to a Thai or Vietnamese laborer that was lost and needed help? I can only but wonder. How about someone write a thesis on it? I am sure it would get some attention :wink:

Spot on…friendly to who? They sometimes have the seeds to say they’re “too” friendly to foreigners? I say “describe foreigners”? Southeast Asians foreigners? Ask a “foreigner” Thai or Filipino if Taiwanese are the most friendly people and think you’ll get a different answer. If they say they are friendly to white people I can go along with that.

They are not very friendly to each other, especially in the cities , in terms of neighbourhoods and communities. Driving…fuggedaboutit.

Friendly to whites and most foreigners except for SE Asians and possibly Chinese, yes.

Still streets ahead of lots of other places though.