Weirdest sighting in Taiwan

Probably done before but I couldn’t find it…

Today, after lunch I’m leaving my apartment,going back to work. I saw a man fully dressed as a ninja, strolling along Roosevelt Road sec 1. He seemed to be taking his time, just meandering(sp) around. Tu esta Loca!!!

What have you seen that’s been weird or freaky in Taiwan.[/u]

This lady is quite impressive IMO. It was 32C that day. :slight_smile:
Looks a bit like a ninja, too. :wink:

[quote=“Notsu”]This lady is quite impressive IMO. It was 32C that day. :slight_smile:
Looks a bit like a ninja, too. :wink:

Please, that’s your garden vareity street cleaner…

well I posted a couple of months ago that I saw a Gimp on stilts in Ximen whacking people with a paddle… :s

She was handing some leaflets, advertising a restaurant I think. :slight_smile:
I asked my friend to stand close to her and pretended that I was taking a photo of him. That’s why the woman is looking straight into the camera, she didn’t know I was photographing her. :smiling_imp:

I saw a pirate get out of large wooden ship juft off xin-yi road and walk off as if it was a daily occurance.

When I was only about 2 months old in Taiwan, I regularily rode the 99 red bus in Banchau (sp!!) home from xinpu to where I lived. Not too many times, but a few, this young lady would get on the bus and procede to do this crazy fast shuffle thing throughout the bus, crashing into people, like a steel ball in a pinball machine, following some kind of set trajectory like she actually was a ball following the curse of gravity (only when the bus was moving) until that trajectory would run into me, wherupon she would get down on her haunches in front of me, screw up her face (whether I was sitting or standing) and yell “BLAUGH!!”. Then she would continue some kind of set course until she did it again.

What really got me is how nobody paid her any notice at all.
This chick looked like she was having the time of her life during this; big wide grin, laughing. Really fun!
I’ll never forget it!

A ghost.

A head on collision on a one way street.

A fully grown Bengal Tiger and her cub next door in the living room of my mother in law’s house. It made going to the 7-11 really freaky.

Several rows of left-turning cars waiting for pedestrians to finish crossing the street.

[quote=“Durins Bane”]A ghost.

Do explain more, since I am curious.

This one intrigues me even more :slight_smile:

What else can be weirder?

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

I once saw a woman speeding down the street on her scooter, holding a baby in one arm.

One time a guy riding a scooter with his girlfriend pulled up beside me and asked me for directions in Chinese. I told him how to get to where he wanted to go and he just thanked me and went on his way.

A newspaper photo of Chen Shui-bian with his mouth closed.

For a minute I thought someone really did shoot him that time…

Just happened now and not totally weird other than its a right now thing: The cleaner brings me a cup of tea each morning. Apparently she is one of the “stupids” that business must hire, but I don’t see anything stupid about her.

I have always been nice to her and I guess she rewards this with the tea.

Anyway onto weird. She hands me my daily tea and starts walking off and blows her nose into her hand.

Back to tea drinking now. :sick:

Anyway onto weird. She hands me my daily tea and starts walking off and blows her nose into her hand. [/quote]

well, she’d normally use the cup of tea to blow her nose into, but she’d just given it to you :unamused:

Someone once knocked my motorcycle over, breaking the windscreen, the clutch lever and a mirror. Then they came and tracked me down so they could pay for the damage. :astonished:

oh how can i forget. I once saw a bunch of foreigners complaining that they had too much beer on a camping trip :noway:

Ohh lordy, that’s something funny. That’s a kodak moment!