Western fusion places in Taiwan

Does anyone know the word for western fusion type food places or Taiwanese western food in Taiwan? I’m not talking about Chilli’s or Outback Steak House, I’m talking about the places that serve Taiwanese style western food. I went to this place called Morning Kitchen and they served egg sandwiches, hamburgers, etc., as well as Taiwanese crepe-style omelets and stuff. I’m quite a fan of this type of cuisine.

Does anyone notice they are also very friendly and usually the staff speaks English there? I suppose that’s because if they work there they might have some interest in Western culture.

In Japan it’s called Youshoku, on Japanese style western food (omelet rice, croquettes, hamburg steak).

You mean breakfast shops?

Or perhaps a compound restaurant tea shop? (Mistranslated through English-Chinese-English fusion 復合式餐廳
Then back into English as Compound)

Um … probably any place that serves Western food, I suppose. There are a few places run by Westerners, or chains, that are more purely western (whatever THAT means with a place like California Pizza Kitchen!), but anything run by a Taiwanese person is almost certain to be fusion, or at least “Western food with Taiwanese characteristics.” Try any small spaghetti/pasta/義大利麵 place, or anywhere that advertises hamburgers/漢堡, or any steak place. Many Taiwanese people think that a typical Taiwanese breakfast stand is in fact western food. Heck, many of the Indian places are more Japanese curry than they are Indian. The bakeries too - I suppose we can call white bread with pork floss stuffing “fusion”; ditto sushi rolls with pork floss. Look for anything with bad English labelling.

:ponder: This is definitely an interesting perspective. I’ve spent years here lamenting localized versions of Western foods - maybe I’ve just had the wrong attitude, and should have thought of that night market 50NTD tomato ketchup spaghetti as “Fusion Spaghetti Formosiatta”. I’d have enjoyed it a lot more.

One place comes to mind, but it’s not really Taiwanese. Bellini Pasta (I think that’s how you spell it), does Italian Japanese fusion cuisine. Some of their stuff is pretty good, like the curry risotto and other stuff. There’s one in the Warner Viewshow, and a few other around.

I’m not a big fan of the pasta here, there are some authentic places though. The pizza though seems a lot better (actually pretty good), as I think some of the places make their own dough (a la dumplings!).

The spaghetti however seems pretty Chinese however (sometimes they use chinese noodles and stuff instead.)

I’m a big fan of the breakfast places though that have hamburgers and sandwiches and stuff. I like the style and I think it’s legitimately good and there’s a decent amount of variation around the different places to make it interesting. Regular taiwanese breakfast with daikon cake and chinese/japanese style sausages are good as well. They’re different but good in themselves I think (although the spaghetti I’ve had generally is not that great though). Japanese italian food however is quite good, and they seem to have gotten really good at cooking the sauce and noodles and stuff.

Went there today. Been some years since our last visit. Still as good as I remember.