Western restaurants in Hualien?

Hi everybody, I’m heading off to Hualien for the weekend and I was wondering, what are the best (quality not price) western restaurants, or for that sake restaurants in general in Hualien. I want good food, and if possible a staff that speaks English but that can be a bonus we do well enough using mandarin.
Thank you for taking the time to write up your tips for me.
Best regards

Excellent western breakfast shop called Country Mother at 36 Fucian Rd. Open 6am-2pm.

There’s a really good Burmese curry shop nearby if you consider that Western. :laughing:

Thanks Mucha Man that breakfast place sounds great.
How about a nice romantic restaurant to spend a dinner for two at? I will rent a car when I get there so it doesn’t have to be in downtown.

The restaurant in the hotel I was at a couple of weeks ago had a decent buffet with prime rib and some other western dishes for dinner. Mostly Japanese food though as the usual, but fairly good quality.

I’ll have to look for the card (found it http://www.farglory-hotel.com.tw/index.php?site=1 ). It is the hotel on top of the hill right next to the water park. Breakfast is also a western/chinese buffet (and quite acceptable) and is included in the room rate as was dinner. Free shuttle to from the water park and the train station.
You might consider staying there and then probably wouldn’t need a car unless you are going to Taroko.

Romantic night view with the city lights and nice day view of the ocean with a small park. Quite romantic by itself. It is in the NT$5-7K range per night depending on specials. Be sure to ask for an ocean view room.

Staff superb. And able to handle both Chinese or English.

google images for “farglory hotel hualien” and you can see the hotel and the view. for example )

Something about that name which is too weird. I can’t drive past without thinking Mother Fin, Fin Mother Country Mother.

There’s Lucky’s Pizza, opened last year, in a really nice location with outdoor tables. Cross over Linsen Rd Bridge heading away from town, turn immediate right (not up the hill right), park by the river and it’s up some steps there. Coffee in the afternoons, wood-fired pizza from 5.30.

Thanks guys, the Farglory hotel seems really nice, I’m checking to see if they have any available rooms this weekend. And the pizza place sounds perfect, now if that fortune teller is working this weekend we are definitely going.
Again thanks for all the advice

As it turns out Farglory only has rooms with mountain view availably at 17,000 and up this weekend, see we are going for a different hotel.
But my mouth is already watering thinking of the pizza place :slight_smile:

The cabins in Taroko at the Leader are romantic and the setting is nice and quiet. Food is excellent in the restaurant (Bunun) though it’s not a romantic setting.

For accom you could try Rose Stone if your partner appreciates old style:

Or Monet Garden at Liyu Lake, 30 minutes outside Hualien:

Or this place at Shitiping, about an hour south of Hualien. I have stayed here and the view from your balcony is exactly what is shown in the pic.

There are also many cafes dotting the seaside on the way south of Hualien toward Shihtiping. Nice for an evening drink.

Country Mother Fucian
Gloryhole Hotel…


Country Mother is great

Well I did find a nice (hoping) hotel something French called CJ hotel (C’est Jeune) since the train down there from Taipei was completely booked we decided to rent a car and drive down there, from what I heard the view should be nice even if the roads aren’t the safest ones.
Mucha Man, does the Monet Garden have a restaurant as well? The pictures on there website looks nice but I wasn’t able to figure out if it is a hotel only.
Two votes for the breakfast place, maybe I should check it out.

Yes, food is alright if I recal though not special. Nice rustic setting. Good coffee as the owner is an importer and you can often see him roasting beans outside.


Thank you guys for all the great tips, the breakfast place Country Mother’s was really good, we were lucky we got a table as soon as we got there so we didn’t have to wait too long, and the food was great. The missus loved the yogurt fruit dish (can’t remember the name) and I enjoyed the food as well. The pizza place was great as well. btw, it is called Lucky’s Place (not Lucky’s Pizza). So again thanks for the tips.

still orange?

You lost me on that one? :ponder:

Probably need better directions for this place. In Hualian now and couldn’t find it. There’s more than one road with that name, too.

Probably need better directions for this place. In Hualian now and couldn’t find it. There’s more than one road with that name, too.[/quote]
Sorry about the late reply, just woke up, if I remember it correctly you get on highway 9 and go north, one section of the road is called Fuqian (Fucian depending on your prefered form of pinjin) road.

Edit* it is on the right side of the road, probably the only place with tables on the sidewalk and tons of customers :lick: Now I’m getting hungry…

Probably need better directions for this place. In Hualian now and couldn’t find it. There’s more than one road with that name, too.[/quote]

Pick up a recent guide book, dude. :wink: Okay, okay, head south (toward ocean) down Jhongshan Rd, main road in Hualien, and turn left on Jhongjheng Rd, or however they spell it these days. Cross river and head up hill. Road is now Jungmei. When road splits stay left on Fucian. County Mother in on the right not far from the split if I recal. There’s also a great little traditional Taiwanese restaurant called Dou Siang on 2 Jungmei Rd. Rustic place in an old japanese era house.

You could also try the Baker Brunch on Zhongzheng Road (#586). It is close to Sanmin Road, next door the Pizza Hut/85 coffee.

This is a link to their Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Baker-Brunch-%E7%84%99%E5%AE%A2%E6%97%A9%E5%8D%88%E9%A4%90/357416972358?sk=info

Thank you for the directions. We missed it yesterday. We settles for dumplings and noodles but I really wanted an American breaky. I’m sure the directions will help the next person find the place. :bow: