Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


The really odd thing is, I think they are the same belt and shoes. The image has been colorized.


I think you’re right.
With a black Sharpie, from the looks of it.


They must have been aiming for a Fight Club vibe, only gayer.


Haha, retouch the shoes and belt! WTF! Why didn’t they do his smug smile?



OK, THAT one I’ll buy.


Which new KMT mascot are you guys voting for?








In the gummit mentality, you have to to change something, anything, the most insignificant detail. You have to make your voice heard. The big thing could be wrong but they focus on the details. It is what I call “drain the mosquito, swallow the elephant syndrome”.


10 – the goat with the camel toe has my vote.


8 Chicken!


What Dads think they look like in jeans

What Dads look like in jeans


I too prefer the chicken-man, but I think it has been taken out of the running. I like it because it makes me think of the Taiwan deep fried flattened chicken breast.


It’s my favorite too. Why you’d have a chicken for a political mascot is beyond me. :roll_eyes:


I think there’s potential there. Redesign it to be like the American eagle. Don’t go cute go scary.



That’s one beautiful KMT cock!


Sure, but watch out, man.
Sometimes they leave the nipple on

Nobody wants that.


chicken nipples could be a street food snack


Uuuuh, yeah, you knock yourself out, man