What are some low stress fun part time jobs where you can socialize?

I’m feeling a bit isolated working at my own company with very few employees and miss the corporate work environment. But I don’t want a full time job, just one where you can socialize with the locals, get involved in some office politics like trying to get a promotion or gossiping about random things, go to morale events and free company outings every once in a while, just the regular stuff a normal local person with a job deals with. Any suggestions on part time jobs that foreigners can apply to?

I’ve thought about:

  • IT person at hospital
  • cram school teacher
  • restaurant waiter
  • cook
  • adjunct professor (can anyone refer me?)

I have a university degree


You sound like a time-traveling tourist from a utopian future in which nobody works, and people entertain themselves by experiencing what working people used to go through in the office back in the day.


I would just visit and socialize and not go to work (I have other job) as food server. I drank lots of coffee made friends with various coffee shop staff chit chat at cafes, found two girls wanted to travel and biz, now they help in me Lithuania and Estonia (in Lithuania also do the same, helps my background if different). Taiwan has so many cafes, pubs to socialize and not being local people are always curious about you.


This is why we like Jimbob threads.

And sometimes I fantasized about being a rechao cook just for the craic. But I might only last one shift, who knows.


english language teaching assistant

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Just imagine, if everyone gets a universal basic income and doesn’t have to work for basic necessities, I wonder what would the world be like?


Go to some places in the UK and you’ll find out.


universally shit

Not bad.

Would you consider volunteering or do you expect to get laid?

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He has a little more to learn about social etiquettes before he can get laid, but this little social experiment called “a normal job” might just be the perfect opportunity for him to learn.


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Postman or Binman

When I worked at Walmart many greeters were old retired people who just needed to get out of the house. They didn’t need the money, but working basically got them out of the house and kept them alive.

I do not know if there are similar jobs in Taiwan.

You could also work as a barista, that’s a very social job.

Or a bartender…

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Bin man (garbage man/garbo man/refuse collector) gets you out and about in the neighbourhood.

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How about Bin Lang Man? That might also allow you to socialize with the locals.


Trash collectors, or at least ones that drives/rides on the back of musical garbage trucks, are government workers. This means it’s extremely hard to get into even for a Taiwanese, and unlike teachers foreigners won’t be able to get in due to not really needing foreigners to do the job.

Like 300 or more applicants for one position, many of whom are highly educated, and are weeded out by taking those insanely hard civil service exams.

I’m not sure the OP would be able to do it. There’s private trash collectors but I do not see them socialize much at all. All they do is drive around the city emptying dumpsters of their customers.

Barista is much easier to get hired for.

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Mostly slackers who bitch about being bored.


Excellent idea. Diversity and inclusion are – and should be – crucial components of our binlang purchasing decisions.


Uber driver.

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