What are Usual Needs of Expats?

Shoes over size 10.


@bigbenj - may I ask what makes you want to target the expat market? Some advice I read somewhere before I moved here is that the expat community is relatively small and it’s not easy to get by just selling to them, so what is the reason you believe they are worth targeting?

@Fei-Fan @RickRoll - I make bread every day or two, what kind you like? I keep hearing this about bread and I’m thinking I might start taking orders.


I don’t think your business is a goer.

However, if you set up a website for people moving to Taiwan you could provide airport pickup, temporary hotel stay, assistance finding a place to rent, assistance with work permits. Stuff like that that I’m sure you’ve already considered.

Nobody needs to pay for help getting things like food.

EDIT: Just a thought, but there could be some mileage in being a guarantor for things like apartment rentals, bank accounts and car loans etc. A bit of a risk for you, though.


If you can get the clients then it might work. Say they want to join a gym and they get gouged 20k a year, you could knock it down to 10k and take a percentage.

Yeah, it could work.


The trick in Taiwan is to lie and pretend your product is authenticly foreign, but have it actually cater to the Taiwanese market as much as possible.

‘Yes, German bread really is this sweet and QQ, this is how all Germans eat it. You’re in the most authentic European bakery in Taiwan. It’s just like being in Europe! ”

“Yes, All authentic and traditional Italian pizza has corn and sweet white cream sauce on it. Pasta sauce is supposed to be as watery as soup. This is a REAL Italian restaurant. You don’t even need to travel to Italy for that real Italian flavor! Think of all the money your saving”


I am counting on this, as it’s a Yum brands co. and they already got KFC and Pizza Hut here, and TacoBell is now in China.

I recently started making cho dofou tacos at home.
Even added cheese and salsa last night. That was pushing it though.

You should make a YouTube channel with that type of content. That will definitely get views in Taiwan.

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Still in the R&D phase

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Honestly just r&d and you go. The sooner you get to shooting and editing the better.

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This is torture. Just when I’m jonesing for a midnight snack.



In all seriousness, I often wish I could hire a competent PA by the hour or day to just go get shit done for me that I don’t want to deal with, like ask complicated questions at government agencies or argue with bank managers.

The HR head at my work used to be the assistant to an Important Person, and every time I watch her effortlessly destroy some stupid problem with a two-minute phone call I think to myself, if I ever get rich the first thing I’m gonna do is hire me one of those.

This service does actually exist elsewhere, although I’ve never used it so I don’t know what you get for your money really.


I’ll be your PA

no sidewalks and I can’t


Dictionary result for flâneur

/flaˈnəː,French flanœʀ/


  1. a man who saunters around observing society.

He has to get rich first, unless you’ll intern.

I have way too much free time here.

why is the stank tofu black/>??

It was the only transparent .png I found. lol

i think its maybe the chinese variety, i saw a news story once about a vendor trying to fake stinky tofu with actual human poop. obviously that wouldn’t work if the stank tofu was yellowish/ white like here.