What are you doing for Chinese New Year?

It’s not too early to start planning if you wish to make airline or other reservations.

We’ve started speaking with family and researching online and I’m stoked about our plans:

Fly TPE > Los Angeles
Rent car and drive to San Diego. 5 days in San Diego: LegoLand (I’ve heard it’s better than Disneyland), San Diego’s world famous zoo, Seaworld, Balboa Park, beaches, mexican food, seafood, walk beside the beautiful bay check out the awesome boats, etc.

Fly San Diego > Denver
5 days in Colorado with my brother’s family, including drive up to my bro’s mountain house and play in the snow. Maybe go skiing, but at least snowballs and sledding.

Fly Denver > Bay Area
5 days with parents. My daughter is crazy about them and vice versa.

We’ll be gone just over two weeks. It’ll be hella expensive, but I don’t care – we NEED this (and life is short). My boss and colleagues will likely make a big deal about it, but I don’t care – what am I supposed to do with my annual leave days?


How about you? Better start planning.

I’m thinkin’ about going to Bali.

Maybe take the boat there from Danshui. :neutral:

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Going back to the old country, more specifically Londinium for my once every 2 years visit. I’m especially looking forward as I’m meeting up with some mates I haven’t seen in 10 years, and my bro and his wife will have a second son in December :discodance:

My Mum might be coming here. It’s only taken me 8 years of trying to get her over for a visit.

We were going to go to Nepal but my wife’s work has a strange way of counting holiday leave so we need to postpone that till 2012

My mom was set to come for a visit, but we’ve pushed that until April, so I’m off to India for CNY! For those of you that can’t get away, you can think about a mini holiday in Taiwan. cheers

Shivering at the in-laws’ up in the hills.

Same as every year…drink too much, eat too much, and play ma jiang…and don’t forget acting like I enjoy spending time with my partner’s family :boo-hoo:

My CNY will be spent packing to move to an apartment with an elevator, or else carrying an eight-months-pregnant wife up and down the five flights of stairs on a daily basis as punishment. :frowning:

I’ll be on a 5-6 week (in between contracts) vacation through SE Asia. I haven’t really made plans but I don’t like to travel with too much of an itinerary other than going to Angkor Wat at some point and then traveling to Halong Bay. I’ll probably fly back the week after CNY when prices go down a little.

B.O.R.I.N.G !!

(no not YOUR plans but mine is work work and more work)

Yea, but you get a Christmas vacation.

Congratulations DB. That’s great. Babies are even better than cats. :slight_smile:

South African road trip for a month, in late summer (glorious weather). Will fly into Joburg, get some paperwork done, then head down to the Eastern Free State (near Golden Gate national park) for a few day at our family guest farm, then make my way to Durban to see a long lost friend, from there I’ll head down the South Coast to my sister’s farm in Port Edward -w ill get to see my brand new niece for the first time.

Thereafter head down the WIld Coast to Port St Johns for a couple of days, then onward to Cape Town to see Sis 2, and a good mate I met in Taiwan, and his Vietnamese wife and their kid. Then I’m going to either go up the Wild Coast or meander through the Karoo, back to Joburg, to spend what money I have left on some essentials and gifts for people back this side.

Will be rather skint at the end of this holiday, but would much rather ibe n warm SA than miserable grey Xiamen for the month on CNY.

HOpefully going to South-Africa for 2 weeks…or maybe 2.5 weeks. I haven’t had a holiday this year (except for the couple of days we had off in CNY and then I took 8 hours off in July) so I’m looking forward to it…but I’m having panic attacks about leaving my dogs. ugh…

We booked flights to Borneo months ago already. I see the light at the end of the tunnel… We’ll be there for a little over two weeks. Sightseeing, hiking, trekking and most importantly, RELAXING. Holidays=Good

Not a lot, since my folks are coming over in April, may have a long weekend in HK if we’re lucky

All four friggin’ days of it? Stay at home, I guess.

In case anyone wanted to go out of The Island:

[quote]As the economy bounces back and with peak travel season approaching, flying to destinations all over the world is about to get more expensive.

The Travel Quality Assurance Association (TQAA) yesterday announced its estimated group tour rates for travel worldwide for the period covering next month through March, which includes the Lunar New Year holiday, when workers have close to a week off and air fares shoot up.

The most sizeable increase — about NT$25,000 compared with the same period this year — is expected for tours to Europe, particularly southern European countries, mainly because of higher airfares.

Despite the thousands of NT dollars saved thanks to visa-free travel for Republic of China citizens traveling to Europe, higher airfares will be the main reason for the spike in price, travel agents said.

The higher fees will particularly affect group tours to Europe ranging from bargain tours to expensive luxury tours featuring five-star hotels and Michelin restaurants, agents said.[/quote]
Air travel prices to soar: TQAA

My own trip rates have increased by 20K… sigh

Very likely Nepal.

Flights are getting damned expensive alright. We are probably going to head off slightly before New Year, a lot of routes are booked already. It’s really busy this year.

I might spend a whole day in Monterey. Actually we dont get any time off for Chinese New Year. Nobody knows what that is around here anyway, really. And plus the festival is always a week late here …dumb…but actually they do put on a pretty awesome show in SF, but always a week late. Wonder why?