What are you doing for Chinese New Year?

Normally, the cooking there is great! But the problem at CNY is they go with all the traditional dull dishes, and they’re cooked before lunchtime and laid out on the family altar all day - so we’ve got a) inferior dishes in the first place, and b) often cold, occasionally lukewarm, once in a while microwaved, and I think the microwaving is just a result of several years of me merely picking at my food (out of fear of food poisoning). It’s the only time I don’t enjoy my mother-in-law’s cooking.

Hmm. My wife’s grandmother died last year as well - now I’m wondering how things are going to be different this year.

For CNY eve itself: cook something nice at home, unless you can find a good restaurant that’s open that night. I recommend staying put in Taipei: any “traveling” I’ve done in the CNY week has just been hours of sitting in traffic jams, whether on highways or scenic mountain roads.

It depends on the family. We’re doing things the old-fashioned way.

Oh I have no intention of traveling. Would be insane.

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Lunar new year prices are ridiculous.

My wife insisted on going with family on some trip and I had to get some cabin in the mountains for it.

The cabin is on new year 16k/night which is double the normal price(which was also imo expensive)

This Chinese New Year I will try to avoid the Kaoliang they always give without asking, I think I’ve been long enough in Taiwan to decline that part.

I recently just relocated here in Taipei and will likely be just spending CNY in town. Will there be stores/restaurants open? Anything interesting I can do outside my apartment?

I mean I can live on home-cooked meals and movie marathons but y’know, options would be nice.

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Yeah, plenty of stuff is open - smaller mom & pop places, slightly less likely, but for chains there’s not much of a difference from regular opening hours. See this thread for more information:

That’s a tougher question. I suspect a lot of galleries and museums do close, especially for the first few days, even if the department stores remain open. As posted up-thread, I personally think trying to leave Taipei and deal with the ensuing traffic is an awful idea. For actual CNY festivities, I don’t recall ever seeing anything (it’d be a bit like looking for fun on Christmas Day in a North American city - you’re not going to find much); Lantern Festival, officially two weeks later but with lantern displays often starting earlier, is more entertaining. It looks like the biggest event is in Taichung this year (I think it moves around from year to year?), but there should be smaller displays at a few locations around Taipei.

You could always visit Dihua Street for the pre-CNY shopping. If you’re new to Taiwan, I can see that being interesting.

Traditionally the weather is dire at this time of year, but if the current fantastic weather holds, you can go hiking or enjoy the riverside cycling trails or whatever other outdoor activities you’re interested in.

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Wow thanks for the suggestions! I’ll look into Dihua street, some of my colleagues recommended that to me too.

We’ll let you know when it opens. It is a big deal.

This thread title keeps making me think of this song, which I love.


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Anyone know of Din Tai Fung will be less of a clusterf*ck during CNY or worse? Been here for almost two years and still haven’t gone :confused:

You’ve got to go during kind of off hours if you don’t want to wait so long. You get in pretty quickly if you go at 3-4pm. Otherwise, waiting is just part of the experience.

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You can go to the one in Banqiao. The queue is pretty short on weekdays.

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You still haven’t figured it out?


My mate and I have decided to go to Tuga for a long lunch (assuming it’s open) then On Tap to watch the England SA 4th test. The establishments are close which minimises the risk of injury en route.

Oh wow that place looks awesome

It’s really nice. I particularly like the wine list. The wines are stacked along the walls and you walk around and choose one.

Kind of , but he didn’t want to reveal so I will leave it :+1:

By angry fans ?

Alcohol related injuries, although my fans can get a bit boisterous at times.

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And aren’t all countries in that region more or less the same :joy:

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