What are you listening to? (Part 2)


before that ol’ skool ramones n SLF

Fiona Apple, “Extraordinary Machine”

[quote=“crystalsuper”]I am currently interested in music of different ages. what are the big songs in 20’ 30’ 40’ 50’ … and who were the most popular singers?

what songs are you listening to? [/quote]

or here


The Eagles of Death Metal and The Black Keys - check that shite out!!!

no thanks…I’ll just stick to the now defunct Queens of The Stone Age…I’m listening to Sticky Filth on CD!

For the past few weeks my two breakfast albums have been the CD’s by Chicken Rice and Red 23
My favorites from those are Rain,Rain by Red 23,
Lau Dau 嘮叨 from Chicken Rice

Hey there. Great thread idea.

I listen to various genres…

Dub music - King Tubby, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Trinity Roots
House - Swag, Trisco, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs
Downtempo - Kruder and Dofmeister, Thievery Corperation
D’n’B - Total Science, Brocky, Dillinja, teebee, goldie
Funk - Bobby Hughes, Keb Darge
Hip Hop - Jarrasic 5, Gangstar
Breakbeat - Meat Katie, Elite Force, Uberzone
Rock - Gomez, Kings of Leon, Sloan, Black Sabbath
Jazz - Madeski Martin & Wood, soulive, Mo Horizons, Gilles Peterson

I’m listening to Howard Roberts - Dirty Old Boss right now though :sunglasses:

The Black Keys–“The Big Come Up”. an incredible album. its what a jam session with taj mahal and cream would sound like. these guys are blazing. they record their albums in an abandon rubber factory in akron, ohio. check them out, you wont regret it.

There is a “Billboard Top 30” for 1946 - 1955 which I found on the internet.
I don’t have the ed2k link.

However, I’m currently listening to Rammstein. rammstein.com/

[quote=“porcelainprincess”]I’m discovering Brian Eno’s back catalogue.

Taking Tiger Mountain (1974)
Another Green World (1975)

Funny how he sounds like Damon Albarn. Or, rather, how Mr. Albarn sounds like him![/quote]

Note: Pink Floyd’s first album was not “The Wall”.

Entire genres of recent music are derivative of Kraftwerk.

Be sure to check out…
Before and After Science
No Pussyfooting
Here Come the Warm Jets


My friend recently turned me onto a Japanese band called the Band Apart and I’ve been listening to that alot. I’m also rediscovering a Bachman-Turner Overdrive Best-of that has been sitting unlistened to in my CD collection for the past 12 years.

Eric/Red 23

I’m not listening to anything however The Fall song “Totally Wired” is stuck in my head right now.

“bad acid” mix on music for freaks, hey you have to love eslite!

I’m listening to Michael Buble and other jazz songs.

All the young facists by Shihad…(that praying mantis in the video should win an acting award).

Download this tunes at work, or the library, or any public place for that matter, and crank it up LOUD.


Straight Out of Compton edited down to ONLY the explicit lyrics. Some of the songs end up only 0:00, but “Fuck Tha Police” runs on for quite a bit.

I’m listening to the Chris Moyles radio show on-line (from BBC Radio 1).

Thank god for the internet. I can only take so much ICRT.

F-f-f-uck you, n-n-n-now you’ve g-g-g-ot that song r-r-r-running in my head now, ah!

The Descendents-Cool to Be You. Apart from The Bad Religion -like 'Merica it is definitely an improvement on their last album.

If you like that… Minor Threat is good.

Murphy’s Law, too.