What are you listening to? (Part 2)

I put this on my list when you first posted, because Blazing Arrow by Blackalicious was one of the best recommendations I got from someone else last year. The track “Don’t Stop” was the free download last week on iTunes Music Store, and after a few listens I ended up buying the whole album. Good stuff. Bush fans won’t care for the lyrics though. :raspberry:

It’s just past one, the wife’s asleep, the Johnie Walker’s almost gone, but I’m jammin’ to Funkadelic: Maggot Brain…

the title track, best guitar solo ever just finished, gotta get up and groove…

wow, great funkin’ album…

one minute your on your knees playing air guitar… the next your doing the robot…or maybe it’s just me…

Some Moody Blues, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Macy Gray, and the Cure’s 17 seconds.

toots and the maytals, desmond dekker, black uhuru, burning spear, bunny wailer, lee perry, alpha blondy… a mix CD from a few years ago.

Dreams Come True “DIAMOND15” and Miwa Yoshida “beauty & harmony 2”

I can’t get this CD out of my player -

The Killers - Hot Fuss

You can listen to a couple of songs here

speedzone.be/artikel/743_som … llers.html

and here


Pretty good. Kinda reminds me of Eve 6. Have you heard them?

Jeff Golub - Soul Sessions

Jazz guitar.

Chicane :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Working late tonight I caught a great contemporary music program on Cspan with artists like Rchard Shindell and other mucisians that I hadn’t heard of.

It was nice to listen to some music that I would not have heard otherwise.

Time: 17:00 UTC
Title: Mountain Stage
Episode: 112E
Length: 00:56:09 Language: English
Description: In order of appearance, performers are roots rocker Robert Williams, with amp;quot;Big Sandy and his Fly Right Boys,amp;quot; followed by neo-folk composer singers Alejandro Escovedo and Richard Shindell.

This is the web link


Bright Eyes have two new albums which came out simutaneously. One called ‘It’s Morning I’m Wide Awake’ and the other called ‘Digital Ash in a Digital Urn’. Both albums are uniquely different and both are superb.

more info at the saddle creek site saddle-creek.com

I’ve been listening to lots of Chapterhouse as well, which is shoegazing early 90’s stuff from Britain.

Anyone here use musicmobs? If you use iTunes, you can upload your library info to musicmob. Everyone there has a profile that shows what music they listen to. You can also look for people with similar listening tastes.

Here’s my page.


Though, not really an indicator of what I’m listening to now.

I am currently interested in music of different ages. what are the big songs in 20’ 30’ 40’ 50’ … and who were the most popular singers?

what songs are you listening to? :serenade:

Try here

If you haven’t checked out 4th dimensional rocket ships going up, by Gift of Gab it’s killer.
Listening to, Youssou N’dour, The Roots, Fela Kuti, John Butler Trio, and lots of live music, go here and stream some shows,
Lately, Global Funk, Soulive, Xavier Rudd (crazy australian guy that plays didgeridoo, gutiar and stomp box at the same time), Michael Franti and String Cheese Incident.

John Butler Trio = pure gold.

Me, I’ve mostly been listening to MC Frontalot, mc chris, and Fast Crew. (First two have all or some of their songs (respectively) freely downloadable, last one have their three singles streamable and, if you’re tricky, downloadable.)

I’m discovering Brian Eno’s back catalogue.

Taking Tiger Mountain (1974)
Another Green World (1975)

Funny how he sounds like Damon Albarn. Or, rather, how Mr. Albarn sounds like him!

Gina Villalobos’s new album is sweet

I’ve been listening to a lot of TGD’s “Skull & Roses”. (OR “Skullfuck” if you prefer.)