What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Cough coutorrentgh cough


Or torrent or watch some feed from China.


I just noticed that Game of Thrones is available on Google Play. Easy to watch on phone or computer or cast to your TV.


I am guessing you need a VPN?


No. I watch Google Play with a Changhua phone number and account on my Samsung phone. It’s the US Google play movies & TV app. Also watch on my Mac.

I also watch Netflix the same way.


Netflix is available in TW, just many shows and such are not streamed here. Same with Amazon.

Must be different in the Apple App store. Used to be a tab to change store, I cannot find it on my phone.


Netflix has a lot of movies from China. It has English subtitles.

The shows look so much better than the crap Taiwan TV dramas and TV shows




They had one who on that was particularly interested in, simple from a political/historical POV. That one about Chiang Jing Guo.

My wfe is watching some US show called Revenge. So over-the-top soap opera-ish its hilarious.

I have found comfort in watching British panel shows on YouTube. I have become enamored by Richard Ayoade.


New netfix show Disjointed…very funny. Here is one reason why:


Rick and Morty Season 3 seems to be going up on Netflix almost as soon as it airs in the US. Anybody who likes off the wall cartoon comedies will love this one. Especially if you like science fiction.

Definitely not suitable for kids.


I’ve been hearing good things about Rick and Morty. I think I may give it a try. Have to watch something while I wait 550+ days for GoT to come back.


This show got the worst reviews on Rotten tomatoes… To each his own, I guess… http://www.thewrap.com/disjointed-worst-reviewed-rotten-tomatoes/


Dank and Dabby? C’mon…Hilarious. “Oh no, we’re getting NOT high!!”

Also, the way they nicely deal with healing the security guard’s PTSD? This is a very important issue, one where returning vets from America’s illegal wars will get tossed off their VA insurance if they test positive for weed, yet weed is the one thing that helps them not dream.

The animations are super cool too, although a little too “trippy” for a simple weed high.

Personally, I enjoyed the Chinese mother/daughter relationship as well. And the acting in the last two episodes was fantastic.

I hope this is the first in a long line of shows that seek to normalize self-medication.


Your passion for this show is commendable. And contagious. I’ll give it a try!


I watched a few episodes of Disjointed, but that’s about as much as I could take. Kathy Bates is good as usual, but all the tired, rehashed (so to speak) stoner jokes are just not very funny. I’d rather just rewatch old Cheech and Chong movies.


Not a movie. But I tried to watch the iron fist. It’s the worst show I’ve ever seen. It’s just offensive how bad thr fight scenes are.


The other Netflix turd?



I stopped watching midway to start Luke Cage when I realized it was before Iron Fist chronologically. I’ve yet to go back to Iron Fist… Those fight scenes were atrocious!


I know a lot of people wanted to see them change things up and cast an Asian character. But the choreography was so bad that I couldn’t even get past the fact that they caster someone who clearly has no skills and knowledge of Kung fu when they’re suppose to be the kung fu master. I was really upset when they tried to save the show using defenders. Iron fists just sucks. Everything about it is awful.