What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Some ultra weird kitschy anime-ish Taiwanese student drama called Attention, love! on Dongsheng Zhonghe.


Taiwan shows sometimes seem to drag on, even with lots of silence or just sitting there.


You lost me. But I want to watch it.



I am tempted to watch this just because of Sissy Spacek.


Binge watching Versailles on Netflix. Life of Louis XIV during construction.


There is nothing like a good Shark Movie, and this looks nothing like a good Shark movie.
I guess you never know, may be good?


Watched all 6 episodes again last night…


Finally finished off Sharp Objects last night. That was really good overall. When I watch this kind of crime show, I come up with every possible outcome and I’d put my money on something similar to what happened. But the way the ending unfolded was chilling, right to the last second. Great stuff.

There are one or two unanswered questions that aren’t really vital, but I feel like they left a few loose threads.


Solid soap. Never been much of a Patrick Swayze fan but he’s killing it. Seems pretty faithful to books which were solid story-telling


shows you how old I am (young at that time), because I saw that when it first aired on commercial TV, back when the 3 commercial networks (only 3 back then) did these types of series (Roots, etc.).


Falcon Eddie still shows up in my nightmares.


I recommended The Expanse somewhere up-thread. Sadly, it’s disappearing from Netflix Taiwan at the end of this month (September 2018), which I assume means Season 3 will never appear here - I guess this is because Amazon has now bought the show. Anyway, if you liked Battlestar Galactica (the reboot), I highly recommend The Expanse, and you’ve got a few weeks left to watch it on Netflix.

I’ve been watching Matt Groening’s new Netflix show, Disenchantment. It’s … OK. Like Futurama, but for fantasy rather than sci-fi.


Watching first season episode 1 now. Kind of expecting the space girl to end up naked, like nearly every other Netflix.


Binge watched Better Call Saul the first 5 episodes of this season. It’s entertaining but nothing spectacular. Lot’s of dead time dealing with issues not related to main story kind of makes it feel like they are filling too much time.


And the long mood shots of New Mexico? Come on Vince, do some writing.


I don’t think they’re exclusively “mood shots.” They are also shots that help explain why Jimmy’s post-lawyer job options seem to be Xerox salesman or manager of a cell phone store in a strip mall. The desolation bolsters the argument that Jimmy’s options are way limited and that Chuck was extraordinarily cruel. They’re examples of traditional film-making where the image efficiently advances the story, in this case the character (since BCS is all about how Jimmy became Saul).

I haven’t watched E5 yet, but I really like BCS so far. Of course, I was a big fan of Breaking Bad, too.


Sure, yes, agree.

But they can seem interminable, especially when you have multiple story lines that we know converge, but just ain’t getting there.

E5 does have a nice new tie in to BB though.


I’ve been entertained, but the last episode was really slow.


But you never watched BB right?