What are your plans for next week when the classes are suspended?

Since you mentioned about Covid-19 theater, I am curious now. Could you explain or give some facts to make us to understand what it is going on behind the theather?

Too quick for me as.

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Then, when things go wrong, guess who gets blamed.

It’s really a tricky situation, with lots of moving pieces.



we are being told kids should stay home to slow the spread, but businesses are being kept open making it hard for parents to care for their kids at home.

At the same time, teachers are required in many schools to commute to work to teach remotely from school rather than stay home. This continues the spread.

Then you have many kids still going to school because parents have no other choice, making the closure pointless.

that is the theatrics


Look, we’re now in what the CECC calls “mass community spread.” This means there is a lot of COVID out there.

We’re also in the midst of the College Entrance Examination. If you don’t know what this is, allow me to say it’s kind of a big deal for students and parents alike.

I think most administrators would prefer not to be blamed if things go wrong. Hence the kind of caution we see that may otherwise seem difficult to understand.

I quite appreciate @bdog 's comments about class differences. It helps to show a bit more about how complicated this situation is.


Right. I agree that parents should be allowed to work from home to watch the kids. It won’t make any sense if the government asks the parents to hire a baby-sitter. The main purpose is keeping the social distance.

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Also, everything else. Bars, restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, public transportation…

I had a student tell me she was leaving our online class early so she could take a bus to the university to practice a song and dance routine for graduation. So, what’s the point of the online class, again?


If you are going to close schools have the balls to do it properly and close businesses too and give businesses compensation for their loss. To hell with politics. Either you are doing it right to truly slow the spread or you are doing it half assed to save your political career.



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I definitely know what it is College Entrance Examination. Because I also tutor these students. No need to speak like I know nothing. If it is an open thread, let’s be civil. Don’t assume before asking!

You asked for “facts.” Those are the ones I know.

If you know them, you can foreground them too. :slightly_smiling_face:


the you he was typing is not you, its everyone in general

at least that is how I read it

He replied to me. So, it is definitely directed to me.

Yeah, the main question was “What are the teachers’ plans if the classes are suspended?” About the “facts”, the question was to “SuiGeneris”. Because I wanted to know if his opinion was personal or general.

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Yes, I’ve been working full time over the past year. The schools I’ve experienced are horrid. These people people are not accommodating or cool at all.

I will likely go back to picking and choosing my jobs tutoring and subbing.

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Classes are not being suspended. Suspended means no class, no teaching, no learning.

Classes are being moved online.


I worked for 6 different schools for 9 years. I can say that only 2 bosses were fair. Some people may say 2 out of 6 is not bad. But, I observe people a lot. If I am suspicious during the job interview, I don’t take it. Because the outcoming loss is bigger than declining an offer. I don’t need an ARC, so I can stay in Taiwan and select more places. But, I understand that some newbies teachers don’t have too much time to make a decision. It is just like hitting a jackpot.

You definitely understood I was talking about “in-person classes”. Do you want to move to another thread? It is not an offense. Just a suggestion.


Don’t you think it is too boring just foccusing on one thread?