What Do You Think About "YES" Mineral Spring Water from Taiwan?

YES (來自雪山山脈天然純淨) comes from natural springs from the Snow Mountains in Taiwan. Not sure which mountains they are talking about, could come from many areas in the mountains.

Volvic, Evian, San Pellegrino, Aquafina and others are also natural mineral spring water.

I’m thinking it must be good for you like other natural mineral spring waters and probably more healthy than all the bottled waters that are made with filtered tap water.

Anyone have any more information?


Not to be confused with “YES” deep ocean water from Taiwan.


I rather enjoy “Taiwan Street Natural” :wink:


YES (来自一个水龙头在一个工厂在三重)

They did a test of bottled waters a few years ago. 95% were tap water. Only duoheshui was mineral water.


礦泉水 is Chinese for “water of dubious origins in a plastic bottle.”


Is that filtered gutter water? lol

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I am certain that Water is at least one of the ingredients :wink:


No to Yes. Probably.

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They probably all come from the same tap as well, just bottled and labeled differently.

At the end of the day it’s safer to stick to beer. Water is for washing.


You mean “Taiwan Province of China” i think

So in other words YES should change its name to NO? :wink:


Man 厂 for 廠is the worst simplification. They didn’t even try


I think “NO” to drinking it

But think of the saving on ink…

Reviving this thread since it made me curious. Does Taiwan have bottled mineral water that is locally produced? I’m pretty sure that there are potential sources underground or up on the mountains, but I’ve never seen or even heard of them being commercially used. Probably because, guess what, they are not :rofl: :rofl: right?

There’s at least one plant in yilan, water is cleaner there anyway.

I filter with a Brita and then boil the water. Is there a testing service in Taiwan for water? The apartment is old in Daan. The pipes are old. I’d like to figure out what I should filter for before I buy a good system.
Many of the water filtration vendors have their own silly tests that I can’t trust because of their motivation to sell their product.

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This is what bottled water manufacturer wants you to think the water came from

This is where it came from


I did this too but I felt the water was too heavy and couldn’t drink more than half a glass without feeling bad. I started buying bottled water from 7-11s and OK Marts and YES water tastes the best (I’m talking about the 6L containers). On smaller bottles you have a lot more selection, I quite like the PH 9.0 one.


That actually looks pretty good, but that’s in the US right?

I can’t find a worse picture than that. Obviously no bottling plant, even ones that are disgusting, will show the bad side of the plant.

But in essence unless they prove it, most likely most bottled water is filtered tap water. Maybe the European branded ones are more strict.