What do you think of Sushi Express? (爭鮮)

Hi everybody,

I got used to going to Sushi Exress regularly. It seems decent so far. I was just wondering what kind of information you have heard about it. Is there any kind of fish/products that I should avoid? Things seem fresh, are they?


It depends on when you go there and what you eat.
If unsure, order some off the menu, as they make it there and then.
I guess I eat there about once a week or every two weeks, it’s fairly cheap and pretty good.
I didn’t really used to eat sushi before I moved to Taiwan, as it was expensive and not very good.
Sushi Express might not be the best place for Sushi here, but it’s mostly pretty good imho.
Although I don’t eat everything they have, as there’s a lot of strange things being served up as well…

[quote=“alexandril”] Things seem fresh, are they?


Always fairly so, if not exactly just plucked from the sea, I’ve never gotten anything there that was off. I go fairly often.

It’s OK for people who don’t like sushi.

The sashimi is fine, but it’s difficult to screw that up.

OK, all well … but why do they serve ‘western’ sushi in Taiwan?

All about sushi, nigiri, nori, sashimi, Makizushi or Makimono, Nigirizushi, Oshizushi, Inarizushi, Sukeroku, Chirashizushi, Narezushi, Western sushi …Basically, they can fuck up a lot … old (cooked) rice spiked with aflatoxins, micotoxins, but when they are serious about hygiene and have proper storage and are handling the food according to HACCP rules, there won’t be a problem … but, this is Taiwan … not that I don’t eat this stuff, I love it … :roflmao:

Well, I wouldn’t buy sushi off a stand in the night market, but sushi express seems to both have enough customers to make sure there’s no old food going around and from what I’ve seen, the hygiene standards are pretty high (for Taiwan at least).
To be honest, the only times I’ve gotten sick from eating something here have been in tea shops and both times it’s been chicken I’ve eaten…

I stay with their sashimi, ordered to go, so made fresh. It’s quick and easy sushi, not particularly traditional or authentic, and not particularly cheap. But it’s a nice change now and then.

It’s crap…crap…

if you want REAL sushi u gotta get in Nihon…

And then there’s that place in Ximending with the mini train instead of the impersonal conveyor belt. Now THAT’S how sushi should be served. :sunglasses:

At $128, their pork cutlet box lunch is about the best deal in taipei too.

Yes, this is the essence of my question, what does “This is Taiwan” in the context of eating sushi mean?

When I lived in Mainland, I tried to avoid all kinds of fish, not to mention raw fish… but what about Taiwan? Things seem to be much cleaner here and my stomach doesn’t tend to get upset as it used to in Beijing.

Are there better price/quality ratio places you can recommend?


I have to agree that it is crap. It is the poor man’s sushi and with food where freshness is imperative this is not something to skimp on. I like the restaurant 三四味屋 SanSiWeiWu myself.

Sure it’s poor man’s sushi, but I disagree about it being crap. I never got sick from eating there and one usually can’t complain about the service; the food is constantly delivered right to you. In fact, I was sorry when the one near my office closed, because I felt it was a reasonably tasty, reasonably healthy, reasonably priced simple lunch and I ate there fairly often. Not somewhere to take a date to impress him/her, but perfectly tolerable as a means of filling ones gut.

Sushi Express: OK for a quick lunch or snack, but nothing spectacular. Seemed kind of dry, and there was too much of that gawdawful Taiwanese pseudo-sushi on the menu (e.g. pork floss and corn).

I’m not a sushi expert but I like it. I tend to stick to the sashimi rather than the sushi and find that it’s fresh and not fishy. There’s this one dish that I really like. It’s salmon wrapped around onions and it’s served with some lemon and you squirt the lemon on the salmon and onions and it’s really good IMO.

Its tolerable if you’re desperate. That’s about it. Think about it: You can get a feed for what? NT$250? Compared to a similar feed in a Japanese restaurant for more like NT$2,500. You get what you pay for.

If you want sashimi then you should just cook it yourself.

Yep, not bad value for money. When me and my gf go there it always comes to $330 (11 plates) for the 2 of us.

Yep, not bad value for money. When me and my gf go there it always comes to $330 (11 plates) for the 2 of us.[/quote]

I agree, good value for money. im a big sushi/sashimi fan have always been happy with the sushi at sushi express. If only sushi is this cheap back at home, where one salmon hand roll can set you back $2.50AUD or $72NT!!

If you don’t know much about sushi/sashimi, Sushi Express is fine for you. But, if you have tasted great fish and actually care about what you eat, go to a place with a trained sushi chef. There is a great sushi place on An He Sect 2, across from the Welcome and next to the elementary school.

By the way, if the wasabi is neon green, it’s not wasabi. I don’t return to places that serve me neon green wasabi.

And yes, you can screw up sashimi.