What favourite book is a dating keeper?

Spinning off from the dating “deal-breaker” thread. Is there a book that, if you found out that this date of yours loved as much as you do, would fill you with excitement and send shivers up your spine? Or maybe would make you think “This person is so interesting I absolutely must get to know them better”?

My choice:

But, really, if I met if she named any Leo Tolstoy book or had an interest in his philosophy.


nice spin off, but as mentioned on the other thread as long as she’s reasonably cute and chooses to read anything (but the bible/koran or the alchemist) i’ll be interested in future dates!


I’m more or less the same, except religious books aren’t deal-breakers for me. But there are definitely certain books that would excite me more than others and signal to me that we’re likely on the same wavelength.



Well done, all inclusive and lesbian equality. Hats off to you sir.

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Just need one for the gay men and you guys got all your bases covcovered.

I’m going with the opposite of your proposal.

I was with a date, becoming a partner, and I was thinking I am done and this is the one for me, and not a deal breaker but just a data point, where the date said their favorite author was Paulo Choello, which is ok because we all have our favorite authors, but I’ve read all of his best, and realized her and I are definitely not on the same page, even though I thought we were on the exact same page, paragraph, and word.

Hard to imagine a date and me being so in love with one book. Every book and story is different every time you read or remember it.

However, there might be an author, that would be a dating keeper, or at least an intrigue, and that author might be Guy de Maupassant.

Additionally, most people are really into non-fiction books that are making their life better, and those kind of change hourly.

What is not to love about a rusty trombone? :joy:


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In all seriousness, Someone who is versed in Dostoyevsky or Kierkegaard; or even tolkien or chesterson


I feel like this shouldn’t be limited to dates.

Anyway I would probably say Gone with the Wind. I love that book but I’ve never met anyone who’s read it in real life lol. People seem to only have seen the movie at best, which I love, but I will always prefer the book.

The Cider House Rules is another great one. Such a spectacular novel.

Also, A Little Life. It’s so traumatic that everyone who’s read it would be dying to discuss it with others.

And I’ve read a ton of romance novels recently, some of which I loved to bits though would never admit publicly to having read them. I would certainly be very excited if I ever meet anyone who’s also read them in real life.

I’ve read Anna Karenina and I definitely really liked it.

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You guys must meet girls at Eslite book stores

Moby Dick or anything related to cosmology. :+1:t6:

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Makes me so hard


You don’t want to end up with concrete shoes though… :open_mouth:

What about a rusty trombone on a concrete countertop?

Sounds like 90 percent of Starbucks baristas with a PhD

That’s a book that takes forever to read. Not just because it’s long, but because you want to read one chapter on Sunday and spend the rest of the week thinking about it.