What Forumosa will sound like in 5-10 years

Get ready for a decade of prosperity. I coined a new name for last year to next: 3-4-5.
3% (2020), 4% (2021), 5% (2022). Those are the economic growth rates Taiwan is projected to undergo.

TSMC will double its revenue in two years, Taiwan will be a regional R&D hub in more than just AI research, and Taiwan’s leadership in display technology will finally be commercialized.

You’ll be hearing some of the things people were saying about Taiwan a decade ago.


"My back hurts. What topical ointment should I apply?


I predict that cake will still be posting about COVID-23, how masks don’t work, and how vaccines cause more harm than they prevent, all robustly supported by something some bloke said on Twitter.


The weather sucks! Taiwanese food sucks! Locals are [insert negative adjectives]…

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If there’s COVID-23, Taiwanese would still be stuck on the island and have seen nearly all nook and cranny of it.


If there is COVID-23, Taiwan is the richest place on earth.


There will still be drug busts involving foreigners

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No they won’t. When incomes are higher the same food will taste better.

Hopefully a free and prosperous place. It’s not a given though.

Will there be one? I keep seeing articles that the US military thinks China will launch an invasion in the next 6 years.

Or we end up like the one club in east Germany where half of the members were agents for several different agencies/countries without any knowledge of the others being agents too.

I find that offensive. Did you even read the article? Good day sir.

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Yes, that is one of about a dozen I’ve seen the last couple weeks.

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“Why is taking a shit such an event now?”


March 1, 2029
Cleaned the cave.

March 2, 2029
Spotted a Snow Leopard unit and was prepared to engage in hand to hand combat to liberate the nation and relaunch Forumosa but the wife wanted instant noodle and I had to raid Mr. Su’s kitchen again while he was out playing mahjong. We have been coming out of the cave to steal his instant noodle and borrowing his microwave for 2 years now. Don’t think he suspects anything. These mainlanders sure are oblivious.


Which is the best bank to open an account?
/place to live/school for kids/hospital/phone plan

What is my tax rate? When can I get my tax return?

Can I stay after I quit my current job?

How can I apply for my passport/visa/ARC/APRC?

Will China invade?
What will you do if China invade?



Sour Cream!


But the portions will be smaller.