What game are you playing?


Any other gamers here? As old as I get and with all the stuff going on around me, I still love playing games when I have free time. What are you guys playing right now?

I’m playing through the walking dead by telltale games season one. It’s really a pretty fun game thats laid back.


Uncharted 4 and then I will start Horizon zero dawn.

Also, playing Fifa and MLB 17 because I am addicted to sport games.


Overwatch and Dota 2. More Overwatch these days because I can get more games in before bedtime than Dota 2 which is at least an hour per game.

I will probably download the original Starcraft and get back into that sometime after the Overwatch event is over on May 1.


Far Cry 4


Hearthstone = guilty pleasure.

As much as I keep telling myself how stupid of a card game it is, I still play at least one or two times a day.


At the moment I’m replaying Myst III: Exile. Haven’t played this in many years, but it still holds up well (as far as exploring/puzzle solving games go).


GTA4. Fun to be back home


I’m also playing MLB 17 on the side. Pretty cool they put Wei yin Chen on the cover for Taiwan this year. Although I liked the Griffey jr cover, i thought it was cool they did a cover for the Taiwanese market.


I’m also thinking about downloading starcraft. I loved the first one and it’s pretty cool they are remastering it.


Been junkin’ out on The Witcher 3.


Horizon Zero Dawn has been amazing. Easily the game of the year so far.


I was thinking of getting Horizon Zero Dawn, but isn’t it a rip off of Far Cry? I have played all the Far Cry games up to Far Cry 4 and getting bored of it. Go here, kill that, climb that tower, rinse and repeat.


No it’s not like farcry…idk where you heard that


I play games whenever I can, but I have a huge backlog. I tend to buy them whenever they’re on sale. I’ve been playing the Uncharted Remastered Collection recently. I also really enjoy Destiny but that game gets to a point where you just have to grind to make any real progress. It can get tedious.


I don’t mind resorting to queuing for FPS and MOBA games which go from anything to 30 to 90 minutes, but a part of me misses those JRPG grindfests.

Final Fantasy 8 was one of my personal all time favorite games, but you can’t really fully beat that game without grinding for an extra 30-40 hours.


Dota 2 is so frustrating on the SEA servers. People always DC. I lost interest and it was my most played game BY FAR. Now FIFA is. lol.


I find that interesting because from the pro scene, SEA players are normally better than North American players.

However, NA players are always more cooperative than SEA players in pubs.

I started playing less Dota because you invest so much time into one game and one guy decides he’s going to pick carry on a no support team.


I lost interests in muti player games since I don’t have much time to put into it to get good and to get equipment like in COD. Plus i rather play a relax game, I’m more into RPGs and action adventures now.


Mass Effect : Andromeda !


I haven’t played Far Cry, so I can’t relate to it. The graphic is amazing, and the engine is making the gameplay seamless. It’s so damn good I don’t want it to end. I’m taking my time completing all the side quests and just exploring the game right now.